ABAP Programming Tips and Techniques #2

1. What is true about using memory to pass data?
  • SAP Memory can be accessed by all external sessions
  • ABAP memory is local to each external session
  • Each external session has its own ABAP memory
2. A program makes the function call listed below, what take place if the function raises an exception and the calling program does not list the exception in its call to the function?
Call Function 'MYFUNCTION'
e1 = p1
i1 = p2
  •  Runtime error
3. What happens to the program context once the user input from a dialog step has been processed?
It gets rolled out
4. Identify the internal table types?
  • Hashed
  • Sorted
  • Standard
5. A table passed to a function module can be passed in what manner?
By Value
6. Which statement would bypass current loop processing in the DO LOOP and continue processing with the next loop pass?
Report ABC.
Perform Form A.
Form A.
Do 10 Times.
   A = A + 1.
  • CHECK with a false _expression
  • Continue
7. What dose the runtime system do with dates if they are assigned to a numeric field?
It calculates the number of days that have elapsed since 01.01.0001
8. In what case are optional parameters allowed in the passing of parameters?
9. How much memory is reserved for the data object input_record in the following statement?
Types: begin of rec_type,
flag  type c,
count(3) type c,
today type d,
end of rec_type.
Data: input_record type rec_type.
  • 12 bytes.
10. Which use of the FORM statement works successfully when passing IT to FORMA?
Types: Begin of line,
End of Line.
Types IT_LINE Type Standard table of line.
Perform FORMA using IT
  • FORM FORMA Using P_IT type IT_LINE
11. What does the following statement mean?
Write: 'Hello'(001).
  • If Text Element 001 is not in your login language, then 'Hello' is displayed
12. What statement is used in ABAP programming to check to check if a user is authorized to perform an action?
13. What is the default mode for passing actual parameters in a Perform?
By Reference
14. How would you clear the body of an internal table (with a header line)?
- Refresh ITAB
- Clear ITAB[]
15. Refer to the following code. What is the value of the sy-fdpos and sy-subrc after the search is executed?
Data: mystring type c value 'SAPDOMAIN'.
Search mystring for 'X'
  • sy-fdpos = 0 and sy-subrc = 4
16. What are valid uses of a variant?
  • Pre-assigning values
  • Hiding input fields
17. What is the result of the following code? Assume there are 5 records in itab.
Loop at itab.
  ctr = ctr + 1
  write: sy-tabix..
  check ctr = 3.
  delete itab
  • 1 2 3 3 4


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