BAPI (Business Application Programming Interface) Tips and Tricks

SAP created the Business Framework to allow the technical integration and exchange of business data among SAP components and between SAP and non-SAP components. Important components of the Business Framework are the Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPIs), which represent visible interfaces at the component boundaries and whose properties serve to integrate these components. 

The integration can include both components within a local network and components that are connected with one another through the Internet.

BAPI (Business Application Programming Interface) allow integration at the business level, not the technical level. This provides for greater stability in the link, and independence from the underlying communication technology.

You can get all the standard SAP BAPI functions with the transactions code 'BAPI'.

BAPI Programming Reference Books
A practical approach to SAP Scripts, Smart Forms, Data Migration, Enhancements, BAPI, and ABAP WebDyn Pro

ABAP Certification Books
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BAPI - Business Application Programming Interface
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HR-TM Object

Logistics BAPI
BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE to post Goods Movement

Sample Abap code on BAPI_PO_CHANGE
Loading Purchase Orders Using BAPI_PO_CREATE
Mass Deletion of Purchase Requisitions - BAPI_REQUISITION_DELETE

Material Master creation/change
Material Master
BAPI to Copy Materials from one Plant to Another

BAPI to create Sales Order with reference
BAPI List For SD Modules

Inbound Outbound Delivery BAPI
WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE - Update Delivery

List Of BAPI For MM Modules
List of BAPI For Production Order

BAPI_ALM_NOTIF_CREATE - Maintenance Notification

Creating Inspection Point using BAPI_INSPOPER_RECORDRESULTS

MS Access
How To Get Data From SAP To MS Access

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