Change Status Of Import Buffer And TR Checks

How to move transport request and change it status?

Got a solution.

Use SE37 FM TMS_MGR_FORWARD_TR_REQUEST to move the request to the virtual approval buffer and TMS_MGR_ACTIVATE_TR_REQUEST to inactivate its status (status flag 'I').


IV_REQUEST -> Request/Task

IV_TARGET -> TMS: System Name

IV_TARDOM -> TMS: Transport Domain

IV_TARCLI -> Target client for the request

IV_SOURCE -> TMS: System Name

IV_SRCDOM -> TMS: Transport Domain


IV_SYSTEM -> TMS: System Name

IV_DOMAIN -> TMS: Transport Domain

IV_TARCLI -> Target client for the request


Q2) Cannot find requested TR 

What does the following means: 

This is the error message when trying to add the TR in STMS code.

--system : PRD Command : TMS_MGR_FORWARD_TR_REQUEST 

--Client : 888 Service : Transport Service 

--User :**** Start : Online 

--Date : **** Function : TMS_TP_MAINTAIN_BUFFER 

--Time : **** Message : TP_REPORTED_ERROR 


"Transport control program tp ended with error code 0247 errors: addbuffer has problem with data - and/or cofile" 


Whenever encounter this problem, I usually follow this approach: 

1. Check with the consultants if they've released the request from the DEV? 

More often than not, they forget to release the TR. 

2. Another way is adding the TR in the queue: 


b. Extras -> other requests -> add 

c. Write the TR no.; import queue(system ID); Target Client 

d. Check import again 

e. Same screen; go for Request-->Forward-->System 

f. Fill in the target system; target client. 

g. You'll be taken to a screen where there's 000 client, change it to your target client no. login using your id and password. 

h. Transport 

i.  Again log into your target client, transport using stms_import. 

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