Process Management SM50 SM66

Work process list is displayed in SM50/ SM66. Each process has the following:
  • Serial Number : Starts with 0 (DEV_W0) in work directory
  • Type of Process : (DVEBS) Message and Gateway are not displayed
  • Process PID : The identifier at OS level. It is used to kill the process at OS Level. They are displayed as [DISP+WORK] on windows in the Task Manager.
DW - dispatcher work process in UNIX
0 to 11 [12]
And 1 is for dispatcher 13 Total
-status : Waiting, Stopper, Running
Waiting : The process is waiting "Available" to serve the user request.
Stopped : The process is stopped due to an error.
Running : The process is executing the task (SM50 running with our Userid should not be considered)
On Hold : The user request is on hold by process for waiting certain Resources on the other systems (RFC, CPIC)
Shutdown : The process is killed/ shutdown but restart mode set to NO
Waiting for
PRIV Mode: The process goes into Heap mode. It will be completed only after the task completion/ timeout.
SLEEP MODE: The work process goes into sleep mode waiting for resources (RFC problem)

Sleep mode waiting for resources

  • Restart YES/ NO : if the process is terminated and it will restart automatically (Yes), not restart(NO)
  • Error : No of times the process is restarted
  • Semaphore : The block that hold at OS Level (DISK)
  • CPU : The amount of time WP spends utilising CPU resources
  • Runtime : The amount of time the process spends on the user request.
  • Report : The name of the program/ report the WP is executing
  • Client : The client number logged in
  • User name : Name of the user
  • Action : Select, Update, insert i.e. action on the database.
  • Table : Name of the table.
SM66 - Global Work Process Overview
It displays the processes based on status. It displays the processes belongs to all the instances.
From SM66 - Click on SELECT PROCESS
The major advantage of this is it displays the memory consumed by work process. Double click on the WP to display (Extended, Roll and the Heap Memory)
On Oracle execute
PS -ef |grep ora* (lgwr, smon, pmon, dbwr, ckpt, arch)
SM04 : is used to display the logged in users along with the sessions. We can terminate the session or the user completely using End session or logoff user.
From User -> Logoff User -> Local or End the session


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