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1. How to check the name of all users who has been authorised to use a particular transaction? I am trying to find through SUIM, but failing to find the name or total number of users of a particular t-code say SPRO.

2.  I know that a particular transaction say SPRO is available in a particular role and I want to remove that t-code from that role. But I am unable to find that node through PFCG. If I am using the search for a t-code inside menu tab after putting the edit mode it is not coming in PFCG, but through SUIM its existence is coming in that role. That particular role contains a lot of t-code and reports, say about 2000.

1. Goto SUIM and select USER node, then select USERS BY COMPLEX SELECTION CRITERIA node then execute BY TRANSACTION AUTHORIZATION report then give the Tran. code and it will return you the number of users having that trans with relevatn details. 

Follows these steps :-

  • Go to SUIM .
  • Choose Roles --> By Transaction assignment.
  • Enter Transaction : "SPRO"
  • Choose execute.
  • Double click on  a role in which you want to remove "SPRO" authorisation.
  • Click on pen mark to change into change mode.
  • Go to tab "Authorization"
  • Choose change authorization data.
  • Choose Utilities --> Technical names on .
  • Choose --> cross application authorization objects-->
  • Expand the selection for Object "s_tcode" , under the corresponding profile look the values maintained for "TCD" and remove value "SPRO"  from the list to eliminate the authorization.
  • Don't forget to regenerate profiles.
2. You should able to find this via menu tab otherwise try to do this in authorization tab --> change authorization data by search.

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