Responsibilities Of SAP Basis Consultant

What is the responsibilities for a SAP Basis Consultant?
What should be learned in order to be a Good Basis Consultant?

These are some task you need to concentrate as a new comer to BASIS:

1. Starting & Stopping R/3 System.

2. SAP User Administration.

3. Daily Monitoring Tasks.

4. Spooling and Printing.

5. Background Processing.

6. R/3 System Landscape.

7. Client Administration.

8. Backup & Restore.

9. R/3 Administrative Task.

10. SAP R/3 installation and router Installation.

Knowledge Requirement 

Have a strong technical background (and I mean STRONG) as you be expected to know UNIX, AIX, LINUX, WINDOWS, ORACLE, MSSQL,DB2/DB6, JAVA, and all the combination in between them. Also you should know your HARDWARE really well and you need to be skilled on NETWORKING, switching and routing.

  • You need common sense and the ability to analyse problems.
  • You need PEOPLE SKILLS to deal with pressure from customers, bosses and functional people (Patience for the last ones).
Responsibilities Of SAP Basis Consultant should include handling the Administration part of SAP including the installation, configuration and maintenance.

Installation includes R/3, NW, NW Components, Solman etc..

Administration includes user admin, client admin, backup etc.

Configuration includes Printer, RFC, STMS etc.

Maintenance includes monitoring the servers, background jobs, system performance and avoiding bottlenecks.

Summarizing the Responsibilities Of SAP Basis Consultant

The Basis person is responsible for the system up time and running with better performance.
Firstly, you need to have the knowledge about the system administration responsibilities.

Secondly, you need to learn the basics of BASIS skills like Configuration, Installation, Post-Installation, User Administration, Client Administration, Transport Management System (STMS), Background Job, Patches Installation, Kernel Upgrade, Spam Update, Operation Modes (RZ04), Load Balancing (SMLG), etc.

Thirdly, be familiar with those System Monitoring t-codes: SM50, SM66, SM51, RZ03, ST02, SM04, AL08, ST22, SM37, DB02, DB12, SM21, etc.

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