SAP Security Table Names

Brief description of SAP Security Table Names

USR* table contains user master information. 
AGR* tables contains data about roles. 
USH* table has change documents information. 

Extraction of SAP Security Table Names

You can use SQVI or SE16 to get data from these tables. 
Table  Description
AGR_1016 Name of the activity group profile
AGR_1016B  Name of the activity group profile
AGR_1250 Authorization data for the activity group
AGR_1251 Authorization data for the activity group
AGR_1252 Organizational elements for authorizations
AGR_AGRS Roles in Composite Roles
AGR_DEFINE  Role definition
AGR_HIER2 Menu structure information – Customer vers
AGR_HIERT Role menu texts
AGR_OBJ  Assignment of Menu Nodes to Role
AGR_PROF  Profile name for role
AGR_TCDTXT Assignment of roles to Tcodes
AGR_TEXTS File Structure for Hierarchical Menu – Cus
AGR_TIME Time Stamp for Role: Including profile
AGR_USERS Assignment of roles to users
USER_ADDR  Address Data for users
USGRP  User groups
USGRPT  Text table for USGRP
USH02  Change history for logon data
USOBT Relation transaction to authorization object (SAP)
USOBT_C Relation Transaction to Auth. Object (Customer)
USOBX  Check table for table USOBT
USOBX_C Check Table for Table USOBT_C
USOBXFLAGS  Temporary table for storing USOBX/T* change
USR01  User Master Data (runtime data)
USR02  Logon data (password, user name, validity date etc...)
USR04  User master authorization (one row per user)
USR06  License data
USR10 Authorisation profiles (i.e. &_SAP_ALL)
USR11  Text for authorisation profiles
USR12  Authorization values
USR13  Short text for authorisation
USR40  Table for illegal passwords ( never enter * in this table)
UST04 User profiles (multiple rows per user)
UST10C  Composite profiles (i.e. profile has sub profile)

Vast list of SAP Security Table Names

This is the vast list of USR, USH & AGR tables 
Table  Description
AGRR2 R2 transfer structure
AGRR2T R2 roles transfer structure – Texts
AGR_1016 Name of the activity group profile
AGR_1016B Name of the activity group profile
AGR_1250 Authorization data for the activity group
AGR_1251  Authorization data for the activity group
AGR_1252  Organizational elements for authorizations
AGR_1253 Authorization Data for Activity Group – Static Objects
AGR_AGRS Roles in Composite Roles
AGR_AGRS2 Role definition
AGR_ATTS Role attributes
AGR_BOR_DTL Extended BOR Details for Menu Nodes
AGR_BUFFI  Internet Links for a Role
AGR_BUFFI2 Internet links table – Customer version of SAP roles
AGR_BUFFI3 Internet links table – SAP versions of SAP roles
AGR_CATS  Transfer structure for categories/PFCG start
AGR_CUSTOM Role Customizing objects
AGR_DATEU  Personal settings for roles
AGR_DEFINE  Role definition
AGR_EXT_DTL Extended Details for Menu Nodes
AGR_FAVOS  Personal settings for PFCG
AGR_FILT  Transfer table filter for PRGN_TREE_START
AGR_FLAGS Role attributes
AGR_FLAGSB  Role attributes
AGR_HIER Table for Structure Information for Menu
AGR_HIER2 Menu structure information – Customer version of SAP roles
AGR_HIER3 Menu structure information – SAP version of SAP roles
AGR_HIERT Role menu texts
AGR_HIERT2 Role menu texts – Customer version of SAP objects
AGR_HIERT3 Role menu texts – SAP Original
AGR_HIER_BOR Table for Object-Oriented Navigation (OBN)
AGR_HPAGE Role Home Page
AGR_HPAGET  Description of the Home Page for a Role
AGR_ICON  Display the status icon in the Profile Generator
AGR_INFO  Filter Values from Generation Run
AGR_LOGSYS Logical system
AGR_LSD  Role attributes
AGR_MAP MiniApp and Text
AGR_MAPP MiniApps in Role
AGR_MARK Table for report SAPPROFC_NEW
AGR_MEM_INITIAL  Agreements: Buffer for Initial Upload
AGR_MINI  MiniApps in Role
AGR_MINI2 MiniApps in Role
AGR_MINIT  Role mini-appl texts
AGR_MINIT2  Role mini-application texts
AGR_NSPCE Namespace
AGR_NUMBER Internal Counter for Assigning Profile Names
AGR_NUM_2  Internal Counter for Assigning Profile Names
AGR_OBJ  Assignment of Menu Nodes to Role
AGR_POPUP  Structure for dialog box
AGR_POPUP2 Structure for transaction assignment
AGR_POPUP3  Auxiliary structure to input authorization objects
AGR_PROF Profile name for role
AGR_REL_KNUMA_CM Assignment: Agreement –> Campaign
AGR_SELECT  Assignment of roles to Tcodes
AGR_SHIER  Structure for the Drag and Drop Tool
AGR_SHIERT  Structure for the Drag and Drop Tool
AGR_SHIER_BOR Structure for Additional Details with no STRING Field
AGR_SMENU  Transfer structure for role maintenance
AGR_SPRTXT Structure for the Drag and Drop Tool
AGR_START  Start Role Maintenance: Structure for Tree
AGR_STRING  Structure for the Drag and Drop Tool
AGR_STRUC  Structure to transfer Tcodes into the Profile Generator
AGR_ST_NAME  Role Name
AGR_TAB PFCG start tree transfer structure
AGR_TCDTXT  Assignment of roles to Tcodes
AGR_TCODE3  Assignment of roles to Tcodes
AGR_TCODES Assignment of roles to Tcodes
AGR_TCODES_TEXTS  Transaction Codes with Texts from AGRs
AGR_TEXTS  File Structure for Hierarchical Menu – Customer
AGR_TIME  Time Stamp for Role (Menu, Profile, Authorizations)
AGR_TIMEB  Time Stamp for Role (Profile Generation)
AGR_TIMEC  Time Stamp for Role (User Assignment)
AGR_TIMED Time Stamp for Role (Profile Comparison, RFC Distribution)
AGR_TRAN  Transport modules of external personalization objects
AGR_TRANS Help Structure for Translation
AGR_TXT  Role and Text
AGR_UPLO Structure for upload node types
AGR_UPLT  Structure for upload node types
AGR_UPLTX  Structure for upload description text
AGR_USERS Assignment of roles to users
AGR_USERT Assignment of roles to users
USH02  Change history for logon data
USH02_ARC_TMP Change History for Logon Data: Last Entries from Archive
USH04 Change history for authorizations
USH04_ARC_TMP Authorizations Change History: Last Entries from Archive
USH10  Change history for authorization profiles
USH10_ARC_TMP Change History for Profile Data: Last Entries from Archive
USH12  Change history for authorization values
USH12_ARC_TMP Change History for Authorizations: Last Archive Entries
USR01 User master record (runtime data)
USR02  Logon Data (Kernel-Side Use)
USR03 User address data
USR04 User master authorizations
USR05  User Master Parameter ID
USR06 Additional Data per User
USR06SYS System-Specific User Classification (License-Related)
USR07  Object/values of last authorization check that failed
USR08 Table for user menu entries
USR09  Entries for user menus (work areas)
USR10 User master authorization profiles
USR11 User Master Texts for Profiles (USR10)
USR12 User Master Authorization Values
USR13 Short Texts for Authorizations
USR14  Surchargeable Language Versions per User
USR15 External User Name (Replaced By Table USRACL)
USR16 Values for Variables for User Authorizations
USR20  Date of last user master reorganization
USR21  Assign user name address key
USR21S  Shadow table: Assignment of user name to address key
USR22  Logon data without kernel access
USR30  Additional Information for User Menu
USR40 Table for illegal passwords
USR41  User master: Additional data
USR41_MLD  Transaction Data for USR41
USRACCNTV  Generated Table for View USRACCNTV
USRACL  SNC Access Control List (ACL): User
USRACLEXT  Extended SNC Access Control List (ACL) for Users
USRARCSTAT Reloaded Archiving Runs
USRATTR  Additional Attributes for Users
USRBF  User Buffer Contents for Fast RFC Logon
USRBF2  User buffer content for fast RFC logon – new
USRBF3  User Buffer Content for Fast RFC Logon – New
USRCD Structure for Change Documents Display in RSUSR100
USRCDT  Structure for Change Documents (Technical View)
USRCOBJ  Object Filters for Exploding Product Structures
USRCOMB  Critical Combinations of Authorizations
USRCOMBT  Short Texts for Critical Combinations of Authorizations
USRCRCOMB  Part List of Variants for Critical Combinations of Auths
USRDFLT  User Settings Field/Value Combination
USRDFLT_KEY Key for User Settings
USRDFLT_PERS User Settings
USRDFLT_PERS_ALV User Settings – ALV Display
USREF  Transfer structure for cross-reference function modules
USREFUS Reference user for internet applications
USREFUSVAR Assignment of Reference User Variable to Reference User
USREL_2  User Administration: Relationship Between Two Objects
USREL_3  User Administration: Relationship Between Three Objects
USREL_AT  User Administration: User in Relationship (with Time)
USREL_SA GUM: Assignment of Role/Position to System (Type)
USREL_UA  GUM: Assignment of Role to User
USREL_US GUM: Assignment of User (Group) to System (Type)
USREL_USA User Administration: User – System – Activity Group
USREL_UT User Administration: User in Relationship (with Time)
USREL__A  User Administration: System – Activity Group
USREL__S User Administration: System in Relationships
USREL__U User Administration: User in Relationship
USREXTID Assignment of External ID to Users
USREXTIDH  External ID (Access Using Hash Value)
USREXTIDT  Values Table for External ID Type
USREXTIDTT Values Table for External ID Type (Texts)
USRFIELD Central user maintenance: Field maintenance allowed or not
USRFLD  CUA: Definition of Logical Fields
USRFLDDEF  CUA: Definition of Logical Field Names of ALE Distributed Users
USRFLDGRP CUA: Field Selection Groups
USRFLDSEL CUA: Field Attributes
USRFLDT CUA: Text Table to Define Logical Fields
USRFLDTSEL Selection of fields
USRFLDVAL  CUA: Selection Criteria for Field Attributes
USRGENPRS  Table for General Workplace Personalization Data
USRGETFTR Transfer Structure
USRGETSTRC  Structure for user transfer
USRGIFAV  iPPE Interface: Favorite
USRGIFOL  iPPE Interface: Folder
USRGIPROFIL  User Assignment to an iPPE Profile
USRGIPROFIL_DYNP Dialog Structure: User Assignment – iPPE Workbench
USRGIPROFIL_WTY  Assign User Profile
USRGISETTINGS  User Settings for the iPPE Workbench
USRGISTACK iPPE Workbench: Stack
USRINFO  Extended User Info for SM04
USRINKONS Reference table for FMs for determining inconsistencies
USRLISTPROFILE  Variable List Definition in PDM Environment
USRLUIPROFILE  User Assignments to Profiles in the iPPE Workbench Express
USRLUIPROFILE_DYNP User Assignments to Profiles
USRLUISETTINGS  User-Specific Settings of the iPPE Workbench Express
USRLUISETTINGS_DYNP User-Specific Settings for Profile
USRM0  Material Master User Settings: Screen Reference “User”
USRM1  Material Master User Settings: Organizational Levels
USRM2  User Settings for the Material Master: Logical Screens
USRM3  Material Master User Settings: Retail Organizational Levels
USRMETHOD  Method to be called when distributing users
USRMM  User settings: material master
USROBJECTS  Table of Previous Initial Object in Structure Overview
USRPDM User-Specific Data in the PDM Environment
USRPWDHISTORY  Password History
USRSETTINGS_DYNP User Settings: Navigation Tree – Dialog Structure
USRSTAMP  Time Stamp for all Changes to the User
USRSYSACT  CUA: Roles in Distributed Systems
USRSYSACTT  CUA: Roles in Distributed Systems
USRSYSLNG  User’s Language in a System
USRSYSPRF  CUA: Profiles in Distributed Systems
USRSYSPRFT  CUA: Profile Text in Distributed Systems
USRSYSUPL  CUA: Price Lists in SAP System
USRSYSUPPL  CUA: Assignment of User Types to Price Lists
USRSYSUTPA  CUA: System Measurement: User Types with Attributes
USRSYSUTYP  CUA: Texts for User Types in SAP System
USRSYSUZUS CUA: Texts for Special Versions
USRSYSVTYP Generated Table for View USRSYSVTYP
USRTICLASS Class Assignment for Tabular Maintenance of iPPE
USRTREECOL  User-Specific Column Permutations per Array Type
USRURLPRS Table for Personalization of Services
USRURLSVR  Logical Web Servers for Logical Systems (User-Specific)
USRVAR  Variants for Critical Authorizations
USRVARCOM  Variants of Critical Combinations of Authorizations
USRVARCOMT Short Texts for Variants of Critical Combs of Authorizations
USRVARID  Part List of Variants for Critical Authorizations
USRVART  Short Texts for Variants of Critical Authorizations
USRVIEWCOL User-Specific Column View
USRVIEWTAB User-specific Tabstrip View
USR_AUFK User-Defined Fields of AUFK
USR_FLAGS  Various Flags for Authorization Programs
USR_FLGNT  Personal User Settings / Without Transport
USR_LIST  Generated Table for View USR_LIST
USR_TREESNODE  Node Structure of a Simple Tree (Report SAPTREX3)
USR_VALUES  Transfer structure for selection acc. to auth. values

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