What are SAP Notes

What are SAP Notes? Where do I can find them? How to use it?

OSS is the online service system provided by SAP for support activities, like sometimes some issues which we can't resolve, then we have to send it to SAP, it is only sent through OSS and then SAP will login to our servers for doing the R&D of the issue.

SAP notes are the update information in SAP, frequently released by SAP. 

It is SAP's method of Online Support System.

OSS notes are online documents published by SAP in their web site http://service.sap.com, aimed to take care of the following:
- Product errors
- Product modifications
- Product upgrades
- FAQs
- Consulting notes
- Customizing notes etc.

The notes contain, among other things, program corrections, methods for table/field additions, deletions /corrections, customization changes etc.

Once in a year or so, SAP comes out with upgrades which will include many of the notes issues between the provious upgrade and once being issues.

Certain notes (which are limited to code correction) can be implemented in a simple way using transaction SNOTE.

Other notes which include customization changes , field/table corrections need to be implemented manually.

If you have the access you can view from http://service.sap.com

OSS notes are the corrections and suggestions given by SAP for standard objects(Like programs, Function modules).

Oss notes provide either information or corrections to the customer. 

Some notes contain critical information about the component and have to be used in addition to the component guides that are delivered to the customer. 

Some other notes provide corrections to the code as a fix before a support package is released. The subsequent SPs contain the corrections that were delivered through notes before.  Hence it is important to check the current SP level of your system and the SP level with which the corrections come before applying the notes. 

Some notes provide just manual corrections (in which case the procedure to make the manual corrections also need to be specified in the notes) and other provide automatic corrections (which are applied through TA SNOTE).

The notes can be searched or downloaded at http://service.sap.com/notes


Test Yourself Questions

1) In remote consulting: (Only one answer)
a. SAP dials into your system from their desk to analyze and solve any specific problem.
b. SAP Consultants arrive at a client site for a SAP Audit.
c. The Client logs into SAP net to solve a specific problem.
d. Displays the latest news regarding enhancements/improvements on SAP net.
e. None of the above.
2) By using Online service through SAP net (OSS), you can
a. Report problems on Customer R/3 systems
b. Find Notes in SAP net using key words
c. Import preliminary corrections directly into your R/3 System with Hot Packages.
d. See the latest overview of SAP Training courses.
e. Log into IDES server at SAP.
1) a
2) a, b, c, d


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