Business Intelligence Self-Evaluation Questions And Answers #1

1. What types of systems can serve as sources of data for SAP BW?
a. XML
b. SAP R/3
c. Non-sap systems
d. Databases
e. Online services
f. Microsoft Excel.xls files
g. Internet

2. Which of the following are examples of characteristics?
a. Customer number
b. Division
c. Material number
d. Material stocks (KEY FIGURES)
e. Number of purchase orders (KEY FIGURES)
f. Purchasing group
3. Key figures are InfoObjects.


4. Which of the following are true of the star-schema?
a. 16 dimensions tables and one fact table
b. Key figures can have attributes
c. The fact table can have 233 key figures
d. InfoCubes are organized as star schemas

5. Which of the following are logical InfoProviders?
a. Basis cube
b. Multi provider
c. InfoSet
d. Virtual ODS
e. Remote InfoCubes
6. What tool is used to configure BW elements?
a. Managers cockpit
b. Data workbench
c. Administrator workbench
d. Data structure browser
7. Which of the following are InfoProviders?
a. Characteristics
b. InfoCubes
c. Fact tables
d. Star schemas
e. ODS
8. The Administrator Workbench (AWB) is used to configure, control and administer SAP BW.


9. Query, Reporting, and Analysis include:
a. Query design using BEX analyzer
b. Single point of entry
c. Multi-dimensional OLAP analysis
d. Geographical analysis
e. Integration of unstructured data
f. Ad-hoc reporting
g. Alerts
10. Which of the following are subareas in the Query Designer?
a. Rows
b. Preview
c. Totals
d. Free Characteristics
e. Key figures
f. Formulas
11. You are creating a query using the Query Designer, in SAP Business Intelligence.  The Query Designer is divided into subareas.  Which of the following are subareas in the Query Designer?
More than one answer is correct.  Please choose the correct answers.
a. Rows
b. Preview
c. Headings
d. Selection criteria
12. You are designing a query in SAP Business Intelligence.  When you are viewing the query results, you want to be able to drill down by the characteristics product and product line.  To which subarea would you drag and drop these characteristics in the Query Designer?  Please choose the correct answer.
a. Free characteristics
b. Filter
c. Rows
d. Columns
13. Which SAP ERP reporting solution enables the analysis of data from operative SAP applications, as well as other business applications and external data sources, such as databases, online services, and the Internet?  Please choose the correct answer.
a. Logistics Information Systems (LIS)
b. Business Information Warehouse
c. Report Painter with flexible libraries
d. List viewer
1) a, b, c, d, e, g
2) a, b, c
4) a, c, d
5) b, c, e
6) c
7) b, e
9) a, c, d, f, g
10) a, b, d
11) a, b
12) a
13) b


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