SAP CRM Interview Questions And Answers #3

1) What is the basic thumb rule of CRM?
The basic thumb rule of SAP CRM is at selecting, acquiring, retaining and better serving the customers.  More over the main concept of SAP CRM is to satisfy the customer and maintaining the long term relationship with the customers, for that SAP CRM have many functionalities.
In CRM, there are modules like sales, service and marketing channels, mobile sales and internet sales etc.  For businesses, they can use any one of the module, for each business requirement, the consultant have to analysis their company business process.
2) How to delate data tabs in sales transactions?
We can delete the sales transition data tab using the screen variant or transaction variant and we can use transaction EEWB, easy enhancement workbench.
3) What are the components of CIC?
1. bpsearch
2. call status
3. reminder scripting
4. action box
5. application area
6. navigation area
7. quickeys
8. tool bar
4) Give the path for creation of service processes.
There is no path for service, it better go for  First you should know the service process as the service process is different from business to business.
5) What is the difference between action and workflow?
1. workflow settings required
2. process complex scenarios with multiple steps and systems.
3. triggered by event activities customizing or programming.  workflow requires a commit work.
4. separate planning and start condition.
5. used in om
6. creates work items in business workplace.
1. workflow settings not required
2. process steps single steps in a single crm system
3. triggered by basis ppf which does not require commit work
4. used independently of om
5. used independently of business workplace
6. appropriate for date driven process
6) How do you manage opportunities?
oppt can be managed through business transaction categories.
It controls the profiles and transactions.


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