SAP CRM Interview Questions And Answers #1

How can you maintain links between an opportunity and other sub opportunity?

This can be maintained with the help of project profiles. 

They are defined in the IMG settings 

What is the significance of Billing relevance field?

There is no relevance of the Billing field in the Opportunity.

What do SAP CRM Consultants do in real-time?

Analyze the business requirements according and then configure the ERP.

What is the package that you use to save the OD profile?

$tmp and save it

What are the different organizational determination rule in CRM?

Rule type responsibilities.

Rule type organizational attributes.


There are two types:

1. Rule type this is working for read and evaluated.

2. Organisation type which is only read.

What are the prerequisites to create an opportunity?

Lead is the perquisites for opportunity after qualifying it as a hot lead  then it is send through workflow and then opportunity is created.


For opportunity, we can create 2 ways one for follow-up transaction:

For lead or direct opportunity, in follow up transaction for lead you should maintain copy control for lead to opportunity, then if lead is qualify respective levels for the workflow, automatically opportunity will creates. 

For opportunity, you should maintain sales cycle and phases, and all profile proper way and then follow up for opportunity you should maintain copy control. 

What is Netweaver in SAP & its role?

Netweaver is a SAP component, it is like single sign in sap, using netweaver you can give particular screen to the user, you can log in to any SAP systems using netweaver, it is control by EP consultant.

What is the differences between R/3 pricing and CRM pricing?

In CRM, you could not find account keys.


Differences in Pricing in SAP CRM and SAP R/3 

Functional Differences:
Function  Condition Type in SAP R/3  Comments
Determination  EK01, EK02 Connection is not supported in SAP CRM
Rebate processing BO01 to BO05 Rebate processing is not supported in SAP CRM
Down payment processing  AZWR  Down payment processing is not supported in SAP CRM
Invoice lists  RL00, MW15  Factoring discounts are not supported for invoice lists in SAP CRM
Cost prices VPRS  Cost prices only exist in SAP CRM if delivery-related SAP CRM Billing is being used.  In this case, the cost price is determined: Goods issue in the SAP R/3 OLTP System reads the costs and transfers them to the billing due list in the SAP CRM System.
Expected customer price  EDI1, EDI2  Expected customer price via EDI is not supported in SAP CRM.

Differences in Condition Processing:

1. The source condition record cannot be displayed in SAP CRM for technical reasons, when processing conditions in a transaction. 

2. Unlike SAP R/3, SAP CRM recognizes several pricing transactions. This enables you to compare pricing transactions. This can be useful after failed searches or price changes.

3. The pricing type cannot be predefined when starting a new pricing transaction in SAP CRM.


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