Important Tables in SAP AA

FI-AA-AA (AA)    Asset Accounting: Basic Functions  Master Data
ANKA             Asset Classes: General Data             ANLKL
ANKP             Asset Classes: Fld Cont Dpndnt on Chart ANLKL / AFAPL
                 of Depreciation
ANKT             Asset Classes: Description              SPRAS / ANLKL
ANKV             Asset Classes: Insurance Types          ANLKL / VRSLFD
ANLA             Asset Master Record Segment             BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2
ANLB             Depreciation Terms                      BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2 / AFABE
                                                         / BDATU
ANLT             Asset Texts                             SPRAS / BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2

ANLU             Asset Master Record User Fields         .INCLUDE /  BUKRS / ANLN1 /  ANLN2
ANLW             Insurable Values (Year Dependent)       BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2 / VRSLFD /
ANLX             Asset Master Record Segment             BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2
ANLZ             Time Dependent Asset Allocations        BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2 / BDATU
FI-AA-AA (AA2)   Asset Accounting: Basic Functions  Master Data 2.0
ANAR             Asset Types                             ANLAR
ANAT             Asset Type Text                         SPRAS / ANLAR
FI-AA-AA (AB)    Asset Accounting: Basic Functions 
                 Asset Accounting
ANEK             Document Header Asset Posting           BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2 / GJAHR /
ANEP             Asset Line Items                        BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2 / GJAHR /
                                                         LNRAN / AFABE
ANEV             Asset Downpymt Settlement               BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2 / GJAHR /
ANKB             Asset Class: Depreciation Area          ANLKL / AFAPL / AFABE / BDATU
ANLC             Asset value Fields                      BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2 / GJAHR /
ANLH             Main Asset Number                       BUKRS / ANLN1
ANLP             Asset Periodic Values                   BUKRS / GJAHR / PERAF / AFBNR /
                                                         ANLN1 / ANLN2 / AFABER
FI-SL-VSR (GVAL) Special Purpose Ledger: Validation, Substitution and Rules
GB03             Validation / Substitution User          VALUSER
GB92             Substitutions                           SUBSTID
GB93             Validation                              VALID

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