Important Tables in SAP FI

Financial Accounting
Table Name           Description                           Important Fields
Financial Accounting
FBAS             Financial Accounting “Basis”
BKPF             Accounting Document Header              BUKRS / BELNR / GJAHR
BSEG             Accounting Document Segment             BUKRS / BELNR / GJAHR / BUZEI
BSIP             Index for Vendor Validation of Double   BUKRS / LIFNR / WAERS / BLDAT /
                 Documents                               XBLNR / WRBTR / BELNR / GJAHR / BUZEI
BVOR             Inter Company Posting Procedure         BVORG / BUKRS / GJAHR / BELNR
EBKPF            Accounting Document Header (docs from   GLSBK / BELNR / GJHAR / GLEBK
                 External Systems)
FRUN             Run Date of a Program                   PRGID
KLPA             Customer / Vendor Linking               NKULI / NBUKR / NKOAR / PNTYP
                                                         / VKULI / VBUKR / VKOAR

KNB4             Customer Payment History                KUNNR / BUKRS
KNB5             Customer Master Dunning Data            KUNNR / BUKRS / MABER
KNBK             Customer Master Bank Details            KUNNR / BANKS / BANKL / BANKN
KNC1             Customer Master Transaction Figures     KUNNR / BUKRS / GJHAR
KNC3             Customer Master Special GL Transactions KUNNR / BUKRS / GJAHR / SHBKZ
LFB5             Vendor Master Dunning Data              LIFNR / BUKRS / MABER
LFBK             Vendor Master Bank Details              LIFNR / BANKS / BANKL / BANKN
LFC1             Vendor Master Transaction Figures       LIFNR / BUKRS / GJHAR
LFC3             Vendor Master Special GL Transactions   LIFNR / BUKRS / GJHAR / SHBKZ
VBKPF            Document Header for Document Parking    AUSBK / BUKRS / BELNR / GJHAR
FBASCORE         Financial Accounting General Services “Basis”
KNB1             Customer Master (Company Code)          KUNNR / BUKRS
LFA1             Vendor Master (General Section)         LIFNR
LFB1             Vendor Master (company Code Section)    LIFNR / BUKRS
SKA1             G/L Account Master (Chart of Accounts)  KTOPL / SAKNR
SKAT             G/L Account Master (Chart of Accounts – SPRAS / KTOPL / SAKNR
MAHNS            Accounts Blocked by Dunning Selection   KOART / BUKRS / KONKO / MABER
MHNK             Dunning Data (Account Entries)          LAUFD / LAUFI / KOART / BUKRS /
                                                         KUNNR / LIFNR / CPDKY / SKNRZE /
                                                         SMABER / SMAHSK / BUSAB
FI-GL-GL (FBS)   General Ledger Accounting: Basic Functions- G/L Accounts
SKAS             G/L Account Master (Chart of Accounts – SPRAS / KTOPL / SAKNR / SCHLW
                 Key Word list)
SKB1             G/L Account Master (Company Code)       BUKRS / SAKNR
FI-GL-GL (FBSC)  General Ledger Accounting: Basic
                 Functions - R/3 Customizing for G/L Accounts
FIGLREP          Settings for G/L Posting Reports        MANDT
TSAKR            Create G/L account with reference       BUKRS / SAKNR
FI-GL-GL (FFE)   General Ledger Accounting: Basic
                 Functions - Fast Data Entry
KOMU             Account Assignment Templates for G/L    KMNAM / KMZEI
                 Account items
FI-AR-AR (FBD)   Accounts Receivable: Basic Functions - Customers
KNKA             Customer Master Credit Management :     KUNNR
                 Central Data
KNKK             Customer Master Credit Management :     KUNNR / KKBER
                 Control Area Data
KNKKF1           Credit Management : FI Status data      LOGSYS / KUNNR / KKBER / REGUL
RFRR             Accounting Data – A/R and A/P           RELID / SRTFD / SRTF2
                 Information System
FI-BL-PT         Bank Accounting: Payment (BFIBL_CHECK_D)  Transactions – General Sections
PAYR             Payment Medium File                     ZBUKR / HBKID / HKTID / RZAWE /
PCEC             Pre-numbered Check                      ZBUKR / HBKID / HKTID / STAPL
FI-BL-PT-AP(FMZA)Bank Accounting: Payment Transactions – Automatic Payments
F111G            Global Settings for Payment Program for MANDT
                 Payment Requests
FDZA             Cash Management Line Items in Payment   KEYNO
PAYRQ            Payment Requests                        KEYNO

What is the table name for G/L Master data, when we create centrally (T.Code - FS00)?

As far as general ledger master data is concerned, the following tables are involved :

Table name :  SKB1 : G/L Account Master ( Company Code)
     BUKRS : Company Code 
     SAKNR : G/L Account 

Table name :  SKA1 : G/L Account Master ( Chart of Accounts )
     KTOPL : Char of Accounts 
     SAKNR : G/L Account 

Table name :  SKAT : G/L Account Master Record ( Chart of Accounts : Description )
     SPRAS : Language
     KTOPL : Char of Accounts 
     SAKNR : G/L Account                        *-- Viji Balakrishnan

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