Vendor Master Questions | Self Test Questions

The following are Vendor Master Questions  to test your own knowledge.

1. Which statement is true? (Multi)

a. In Vendor master record it is possible to activate a check for duplicate invoice at doc entry

b. If you delete a vendor master record, data is automatically deleted on both chart of account level and co. code level.

c. Changes to vendor master records can only be displayed using central function.

d. You can block a vendor to prevent financial transaction postings for one co. code or for all co. codes.

e. Bank master data for vendor can only be created with in customizing.

2. Which of the following statement about one time account are correct?

a. Must use account group defined for one time vendor.

b. One time account group must use defined number range.

3. Which of the following about vendor transaction is correct? (Multi)

a. Vendor down payment is shown on balance sheet under normal reconciliation account for payables.

b. Special g/l transaction is one, which is included in spl purpose ledger under coding block in G/L account.

c. A vendor down payment request cannot be included in payment program to produce down payment.

d. A vendor down payment request is a noted item.

e. A vendor down payment is cleared after final invoice is received from vendor.

4. Which is correct?

a. Customer master is divided only by client level & co. code level.

b. In case of one time customer customer address in entry.

5. Which is correct?

a. If a customer is also a vendor system includes outstanding account receivables invoice items in the payment program.

b. If a customer is also a vendor system includes outstanding account receivables invoice items in the clearing.

6. Which of the following statement affect creating customer master records are correct?

a. An account group gets assigned to customer

b. Co. code is always a reqd entry.

c. Account number may be assigned externally.



1) a, d

2) a, b

3) d, e

4) a, b

5) a, b

6) a, c

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