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What SPRO stands for?

SPRO stands for SAP Project Reference Object
It is used to configure the setting as per your client requirement by using the standard setting present in the system.  This where you can do all the SAP configuration work.  It is also known as the Configuration Menu.

What is full form IMG and SPRO? How are they different from each other?

IMG    :-  Implementation Guide.
SPRO :-  SAP Project Reference Object.


Type in the T-Code SPRO under That got to Main Menu which is IMG.

SPRO is basically used to organize the consultant customizing during the SAP Project Phrase.

Tcode For SPRO IMG Reference Node

Implementation Guide Activity Importance

How to close a window?

If we want to stop a transaction in the middle, Right click on the end button (X) on the top right corner of the window. Then select "stop transaction".
As we dont have STOP icon as we have in WINDOWS, this will help in the same way.

Its a very small tip, but will help a lot.

Name two ways to start a transaction.
- Dynamic Menu
- Command Field

Why do you create user-specific parameters?
They supply defaults to R/3 fields. If a field is indicated, the system automatically fills in default value. Depending on the field definition, the entry can also be replaced with a value entered by the user. (Concept of PARAMETER ID)

Name the three different kinds of messages in the R/3 system. What is the difference between them?
A message can have five different types. These message types have the following effects during list processing:

A (=Abend):
The system displays a message of this message type in a dialog window. After the user confirms the message using ENTER, the system terminates the entire transaction (for example SE38).

E (=Error) or W (=Warning):
The system displays a message of this message type in the status line. After the user chooses ENTER, the system acts as follows:
While creating the basic list, the system terminates the report.
While creating a secondary list, the system terminates the corresponding processing block and keeps displaying the previous list level.

I (=Information):
The system displays a message of this message type in a dialog window. After the user chooses ENTER , the system resumes processing at the current program position.

S (=Success):
The system displays a message of this message type on the output screen in the status line of the currently created list.

What is a data dictionary or repository?
Central catalog that contains the descriptions of an organization's data and provides information about the relationships between the data and its use in programs and screens.
The data descriptions in a Data Dictionary is also called metadata, i.e., data that describes other data.

The ABAP/4 Dictionary stores system-wide data definitions. When you create a new data definition, the Dictionary tool does all the processing necessary to create the definition. You can use the Dictionary tool to look up the "definition" of objects in your R/3 System.

What is a matchcode?
Comparsion key. A matchcode allows you to locate the key of a particular database record (e.g. account number) by entering any field value contained in the record. The system then displays a list of records matching the specifications.

If you want an end user to see a specific menu after logging on the R/3 system, how could you do that?
User maintenance transactions allow the system administrator to create and maintain user master records. This includes the generation and assignment of authorizations and authorization profiles.

Which of the following are valid entries in the command field? (more than one answer can be correct)

A. SU3 
B. SM04 
C. /nsm04 
D. /nend 
E. /nex 
F. /nexit 
G. search_sap_menu

Answer:  A, B, C, D, E, G

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