Difference Between SAP, MySAP and ASAP

SAP R/3 :

SAP R/3 is SAP's integrated software solution for client/server and distributed open systems. SAP's R/3 is the world's most-used standard business software for client/server computing. 

R/3 stands for Real Time and 3-tier architecture.

mySAP :

In SAP's words "mySAP.com is an open collaborative business environment of personalized solutions on demand."

In our words, mySAP.com is actually a collection of three things.

a) The Marketplace is a website where buyers and sellers can register themselves, and then buy and sell from each other.

b) The Workplace is a piece of software which sits on your desktop, and allows you (after ity is setup correctly) to gain access to all of the systems you use in your company. It is, naturally, tightly integrated with both SAP and the Marketplace.

c) mySAP.com is also the umbrella name for all of SAP's internet-enabled applications.


ASAP (AcceleratedSAP) is a step-by-step methodology for speeding up the implementation of an SAP R/3 system. The components of ASAP, which can be used together or individually, are called accelerators. 

Accelerators are based on the best practices of SAP customers from around the world and consist of a number of templates, questions, and scenarios that require user input to help the user determine the best way to implement their R/3 system. According to SAP literature, ASAP can reduce the time required to implement an R/3 system by as much as 50%

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