How To Do Master Record Mass Maintenance

Which master records mass maintenance can be done?
What do you mean by mass maintenance?

Mass maintainance in MM-

1. Mass Maintainance means to change a master data or transactional data in mass

2. SAP has provided Mass Maintainance for many objects

Examples:Material masters, BOMs, Routings, Workcenters in PP

In MM --> Inforecords, PO,s Preqs etc

To do master record mass maintenance

You can use tcode MASS and then select your Object type or there is few specific mass maint. Tcode is available like for PO = MEMASSPO etc. but you can use MASS also for that you need to select the object type for PO

Tips for mass modification:

Use object type BUS1001 and generate. Then you have to know the tables where the field you want to modify is.  Pick the fields in their folder and generate again. Then in selection pick the materials or use other selection criteria. Generate again.

In the upper side of the screen insert the data and click the button 'carry out a mass change'.

Save and leave.

Master records mass maintenance can be done:

Material master, info record, vendor, PO, PR, etc.

What do you mean by mass maintenance?

MASS maintenance means - suppose you want to change prticaulr field of material for all the mateirl of certian plant or all the plant you can do using mass like wise for certian PO value if you want to cahnge you can use mass.

There a lot of transactions for specific mass changes. MASS is also one of the transactions among them.

- Mass Change in material master. MM17
- Mass change in BOM. CS20
- Mass change in work center. CA85
- Mass change in Reference opn set. CA95
- Mass change in PRT. CA75

- SU10 Mass changes to User Master.
- SU12 Mass Changes to User Master Records.

- CO44 Mass processing of orders.
- F.80 Mass reversal of documents.
- FOFO Mass release.
- FOVX Mass processing of offers.
- IMAM Mass maintenance of approp.requests.
- KE55 Mass Maintenance PrCtr Master Data.
- XD99 Customer master mass maintenance.
- XK99 Mass maintenance, vendor master.

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