LSMW and FTP Upload Chinese Or Non English Characters


I want to upload vendor master data to SAP system in LSMW, but when I fill the fields in Chinese, the Chinese texts will not be showed. The Chinese texts show as messy codes, how should I do if I want to show the Chinese?

First, check with your Basis people to ensure that your SAP system support Unicode.

Change the coding of the text file from default value 'ANSI' to 'UTF-8', the Chinese can then be showed.

Save the file as Unicode Text (*.txt) using your Excel.

In Excel :

  • File
  • Save As
  • Other Formats
  • Unicode Text (*.txt)
Also, make sure that your SAPGUI multi byte is turn on.


  • Customizes Local Layout (Alt + F12)
  • Options
  • I18N
  • Tick Activate Multibyte Functions to Support :
      • Different character sets including multibyte
      • Asian text input with global IME
The new setting takes effect when you restart the SAPGUI program.

ANSI only supports the standard 256 characters you see on your typical keyboard (single byte). UTF-8 supports the 65,536 Unicode character set (double byte) needed to handle all the different languages used throughout the world. If you send Unicode but tell the system to expect ANSI it will read each double byte Unicode character as two single byte ANSI characters. Which will turn it all into gibberish.

I use the following code to upload file to FTP server:

call function 'FTP_R3_TO_SERVER'
     handle = p_handle
     fname = p_filename
     character_mode = 'X'
     text = i_file
     tcpip_error = 1
     command_error = 2
     data_error = 3
    others = 4.

But after upload, I find all Chinese Character display as #. 
By the way, I use ECC6.0 to do development.
How can I let the Chinese display correctly?

Please check SM59 connection SAPFTP or SAPFTPA in tab Unicode tab.


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