LSMW To Update The Condition Records RV14BTCI 

How to use upload condition record program RV14BTCI?

To run this program we have to maintain Upload file in Application Directory.

We have to maintain 3 levels of records in that file.  You upload through BDC or LSMW. 

For your information:

The batch input program RV14BTCI reads the parameters is necessary 

* Giving sequential file and creates (depending on the data
* In the file seq) one or more batch input sessions. 
* The data are seq file in the following structure expected: 
* - The session a session intent (Table KOBTCI, Record 0) 
* All other records until the next session, the intent 
* Last session assigned to read 
* - The head condition Sentence (Table KOBTCI, record 1) 
* All other records until the next condition, 
* Last read head appropriate rate 
* This includes the corresponding condition 
* Condition table 
* - The key sentence of a Main (Table KOBTCI, record 2) 
* It must be directly on the head set to follow 
* It contains the key condition of the table 
* + Detail fields 
* - The season record has a subordinate clause (Table KOBTCI, record 3) 
* The teams relate to the key sentence in the main 


To upload hierarchical data with Header and Line items there are two ways:

1. Single Source File:

In this case you need to add a field at the very begining of each row as an identifier for the record. For ex: You can have "H" as an identifier for Header data & "I" as an identifier for item data. 

So the source file would be like this 

H <Field1> <field2> ....
I <FIELD1> <FIELD2> ....

H <F1> <F2>
I <F1> <F2> 
I <F1> <F2>

In this case you need to define your source structure in LSMW as Item Node under the Header Node and both of them having first field as an identifier. 

While assigning source file to target structure assign same source file to both header node and item node.

2. Two Source Files: One for Header & One for Item 

In this case first file will contain the header data and second file will contain the item data for header records. The first field of item file should contain the key field of header file so as to associate records with its parent record. 

Header file :
1000 text1 text2 
2000 text1 text2 .

Then the corresponding item file will be :

1000 10 itemtext1 itemtext2
1000 20 itemtext1 itemtext2
1000 30 itemtext1 itemtext2
1000 40 itemtext1 itemtext2
2000 10 itemtext1 itemtext2
2000 20 itemtext1 itemtext2
2000 30 itemtext1 itemtext2

Now while defining the source str in LSMW you will define two nodes at the same level for Header and Item. 

While assigning source file to target structure assign header source file to header node and item source file to Item node.

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