Spreadsheet Option is Missing After EHP7 Upgrade

Not sure why this description change was necessary since SAP mention that the behavior will be the same despite the description option "Text with Tabulators" as output format.


“After the upgrade you do not see the 'spreadsheet option' in the popup window when you click on the Excel symbol or in the Menu option (System/ List/ Save Local File) of any standard report or T-code.”

Reproducing the Issue:

1. Execute the report or T-code.
2. Click the menu path: List -> Export -> Spreadsheet or Menu option -> System -> List -> Save Local File.
3. See pop-up box with the various formats to save in:

  • uncoverted
  • text with tabs
  • rich text format
  • html format
  • in the clipboard
The 'Spreadsheet' function is missing and a new option 'Text with Tabs' is available.

Spreadsheet Option is Missing After EHP7 Upgrade


“The description "spreadsheet" is renamed to "text with tabulators". The reason for this change is that the result of an Excel file download has never been a true binary Excel export but more like a text file labeled with extension 'xls'.”


“Please use the option "Text with Tabulators" as output format. The behavior will be the same despite the description.”

SAP Notes Reference:

2083705 - Save Local File - Spreadsheet option is missing after Support Package SAPKB74001

2094034 - List download in "Text with Tabs" format in Unicode system; file name extension XLS and code page 4103

1776721 - Spreadsheet for list in local file

975868 - Conversions when downloading spreadsheets

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