Tcode For SPRO IMG Reference Node

How to find out the transaction code for a SPRO node?

While in SPRO (Display IMG), go to the 'Additional information' menu, select 'Additional Information' again and choose 'Display Key' and 'IMG Activity' within that. 

Now you will see an additional column adjacent to SPRO nodes. 

The last 4 characters displayed against most executable nodes form the T-code directly for that activity.

SPRO - IMG Reference

Test Your Knowledge

What are the uses for maintaining a Project IMG?

a. Create an IMG for each project
b. Maintain project documentation
c. Maintain project management status
d. Maintain cross project documentation
e. None of the above


Some tables on SPRO do not have tcodes.

For e.g. Define Segment - V_FAGL_SEGM show on screen is not a tcode.  It is a table where you have to display using t-code SM30

Answer for above question:

a, b, c, d

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