User Change Request During Support Phase

What is CR (change Request) and how it is works and what are steps?


Change Request comes from the user in support project. After implementation, end user wants something to be added or modify to the existing configuration in SAP.  Before doing CR the consultant must make analysis on CR the effects on existing process and before doing CR consultant must be get approval from the authorities.

Support Phase

Change Request comes in support phase of a project after implementation, any kind of change in the existing process or any improvement or any type of change as per the user request.

It may include ABAP change, or sometime configuration change in both the cases functional consultant have to do the feasibility study and impact of change to the existing process flow and act accordingly.

SAP Solution Manager

Change Request can be maintain in SAP solution manager if you have configuration in your project.

Regarding the process step, yes, it has proper approval process, but again that depends on your organization setting and level of approvers. 

In my project a CR must be approved from:

1. Requestor of the CR
2. BPO of the Module say MM
3. CEO of the company.

After only when you received the duly singed CR, you are allowed to move the changes means CR contained to Production system.

One more thing I like to add is that CR is always created for major changes in the system, else generally support message are created for minor modification.

SAP Support Consultant

How a support individual will receive Tickets/issues from client?

There is a tool called ovsd through which support consultant can handle the tickets generated or through mails and phone calls. Through help disk (call center).

Ticketing Tools

What are the ticketing tools available and Which you are using and is there any severity defined?

In SAP tickets from the user can be managed using SOLUTION MANAGER (solman).

In my configuration for solman we have defined four type of severity

1. Low   time startdate+5day
2. Medium     startdate+3day
3. high       startdate+1day
4. Very High  on the same day

This is one of the ticketing tool we have used in our project.

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