Flow of Human Resources Process Cycle

- Recruitment 
 - Vacancy 
 - Advertising 
 - Applicant screening 
 - Profile comparison 
 - Selection notification 
 - Document archiving 

- Hiring 
 - Extending and offer 
 - Entering master data 
 - Assigning active status 

- Benefits enrollment 
 - Health plans 
 - Insurance plans 
 - Savings plans 
 - Spending accounts 
 - Credit plans 

- Training-travel expense processing 
 - Comparison with position profile 
 - Booking courses 
 - Travel expenses accounting 

- Time reporting 
 - Holiday calendar and work schedule 
 - Time statements 

- Shift Planning 

- Payroll administration 
 - Source of master data 
 - Calculation of gross and net pay 

- Employee development/career planning 
 - Suggest suitable jobs 
 - Open position display 
 - Succession planning 
 - Internal position filling 

- Salary administration 

- Personnel cost planning 

- Reporting

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