Internal Tables in Time Management

The following internal tables are used for processing in Time Management.

TIP - The system imports time data which has been entered manually for the day to be evaluated.  Time data available Intotyopes 2001 & 2002.

TZP - P.W time data for the employees DWS is transferred to this table for the curent day substitution from IT 2003 that replace  the employees DWS are also imported if any.

TES - All time balances of the day are finally totaled into this table.  The balances are finally transferred to output table ZES in cluser B2.

DZL - Time wage tyes created from planned working time are stored in this table.

ZML - Time Wage types created from over time wage types are stored in this table.

Time wage type data from DZL and ZML are transferred to output table ZL in B2.


ZL Table and xT00

DZL table w/type selection for planned working time 

ZML Table for w/type selection for overtime.

Time Management results are stored in cluster table in PCL2.

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