Multiple Choice Questions On Human Capital Management

1. Which of the following are components of organizational assignment in HCM?

a. Enterprise structure
b. Organizational plan
c. Organizational structure
d. Personnel structure
e. Personnel plan

2. The enterprise structure contains which organizational units?

a. Company code
b. Employee group
c. Personnel area
d. Payroll area
e. Personnel sub area
f. Employee subgroup
g. Legal person

3. The personnel subarea is used for:

a. To specify default payroll procedures
b. Specifying country grouping
c. Assign a legal person
d. To divide employees into broad categories
e. Set groupings for time management
f. General default pay scale type and employees basic pay
g. Define a public holiday calendar

4. Which organizational units make up the personnel structure?

a. Employee group
b. Employee subgroup
c. Payroll area
d. Personnel  area
e. Personnel subarea

5. Employee groups are used for:

a. Authorization checks
b. Reporting criteria
c. Default values for payroll area and basic pay
d. All control features of the personnel structure

6. Employee subgroups are used for:

a. All control features of the personnel structure
b. Defining different payroll procedures for different employee groups
c. Controls validity of wage types on employee subgroup level
d. Default values for data entry

7. The organizational plan is made up of which objects?

a. Organizational units
b. Positions
c. Jobs
d. Persons
e. Employee group
f. Employee subgroup

8. Jobs are used for which application components?

a. Shift planning
b. Time management
c. Personnel cost planning
d. Personnel development
e. Capacity planning

9. You are reviewing the personnel structure in SAP ERP Human Capital Management.  Which element of the personnel structure defines different payroll procedures, such as hourly versus salaried?
Please choose the correct answer.

a. Employee subgroup
b. Personnel subgroup
c. Payroll area
d. Employee group

10. You are explaining to a colleague that Human Capital Management, in SAP ERP, stores an employee's data in infotype records.  Which statements correctly describe the features of infotypes?
More than one answer is correct.  Please choose the correct answers.

a. The personnel file lists only the infotypes valid for the current period.
b. Each infotype record has a validity period or a key date.
c. Personnel actions display all of the relevant infotypes for you to maintain, one after the other.
d. Infotypes can only be maintained for one personnel number at a time.
e. An infotype is a logical grouping of data fields.



1) b, d

2) a, c, e

3) b, c, e, f, g

4) a, b, c

5) a, b, c

6) a, b, c, d

7) a, b, c, d

8) a, c, d

9) a

10) b, c, e


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