Organization Management Self Evaluation Questions #2

Multiple Choice Questions

1) Inheritance happens in the following scenarios:

a. Organization Units inherits the cost center assignment of their parent organization in the absence of their own assignment.
b. Position inherits tasks that describe them.
c. Organization Units inherits the Tasks assigned to Jobs defined down the line.
d. Positions inherit tasks that are assigned to Jobs, assigned to them.
e. None of the above

2) The different Personnel Cost Planning Methods used are:

a. Projected Pay
b. Payroll Results
c. Basic Pay
d. Account Assignment Infotype
e. Additional Payments

3) Relationships in Organization Management are specified by:

a. Relationships are denoted by a three digit Code.
b. Relationships between objects are reciprocal
c. Relationships can also be one sided
d. The direction of relationships are determined by ‘A’ or ‘B’
e. None of the above

4) The relationship: S 50001222  A 003  O 50002333 can be explained as:

a. Position 50001222  “Belongs to” Organization Unit 50002333
b. Organization Unit “incorporates” Position
c. Position 50001222  “Manages” Organization Unit 50002333
d. Person 50001222  “Belongs to” Organization Unit 50002333
e. None of the above

5) Object characteristics in Organization Management are created as:

a. Structure Graphics
b. Infotypes
c. Organization & Staffing Interface
d. PA30
e. None of the above

6) The status of several Object records can be changed at the same time using the report:

a. RHAKT100
b. RHAKT200
c. RHAKT101
d. RHAKT001
e. None of the above

7) In the overview area of Organization and Staffing Interface:

a. You can get the search results of an Object.
b. You can maintain the object characteristics
c. You can have the overview of the Organization.
d. You can display/maintain the object environment (structures).
e. None of the above

8) While working in Expert Mode, you;

a. System automatically creates certain relationship infotype records.
b. It allows you to maintain the objects.
c. Can create additional description to objects.
d. It allows you create a vacancy
e. None of the above.

9) SAP Employee Self Service Application consists of the following key components:

a. Organization and Staffing Interface
b. Office
c. Time Management
d. Training and Event management
e. Payroll

10) When a vacant position is made obsolete by creating a record in the Obsolete Infotype:

a. You can create another record in Vacancy Infotype, making the position vacant once again.
b. It cannot be reoccupied again.
c. The vacancy is delimited at the start of the validity of the obsolete flag.
d. Positions cannot be flagged simultaneously as vacant and obsolete.
e. None of the above.

Multiple Choice Answers

1) a, d,

2) a, b, c

3) a, b, c, d

4) a

5) b

6) a

7) a, c, d

8) b, c, d

9) b, c, d

10) b, c, d

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