Organization Management Self Evaluation Questions #1

1. A qualification Catalog consists of the following objects:

a. Qualification Types
b. Qualification Groups
c. Qualifications
d. Qualification Subgroups
e. Qualification Subtypes

2. A profile match-up means:

a. Matching of Qualifications of Persons and Requirements of Positions.
b. Matching of Qualifications of Persons and Qualifications of Positions.
c. Matching the profile of an Applicant with the requirements of a Position.
d. Generate Training proposals from a Qualification Deficit.
e. Matching Profiles of one person with another.

3. At the attendee level, in the dynamic attendance menu, you can:

a. Book Attendance
b. Prebook Attendance
c. Replace Attendance
d. Book Attendance Lists
e. None of the above

4. What are the different processes involved in an Appraisal?

a. End
b. Prepare
c. Perform
d. Complete
e. Approve

5. What are the main areas of Compensation Management?

a. Job Pricing
b. Job Evaluations
c. Budgeting
d. Compensation Administration
e. Travel Management

6. The following Infotypes are used in Compensation Management:

a. Basic Pay
b. Salary Survey Results
c. Planned Compensation
d. Job Evaluation Results
e. Additional Payments

7. The following infotypes must be used for an employee who embarks on a business trip, where Travel Management is implemented:

a. Actions
b. Organizational Assignment
c. Personal Data
d. Travel Privileges
e. Payroll Status

8. Organization Management uses the following basic methodologies:

a. It uses Object Oriented Design
b. Work Flow
c. It uses relationships between objects
d. Creates additional characteristics for Objects

9. The following statements are true regarding object types Jobs and Positions:

a. Positions inherit the tasks and characteristics assigned to Job.
b. Positions can have direct relationships to tasks.
c. Positions and Jobs are specific entities.
d. A job describes a position.
e. None of the above.

10. A position in Organization Management-

a. Can be occupied by more than one person
b. Positions are concrete and are occupied by holders
c. A position cannot be occupied by more than one person
d. Are denoted by Object Type  P
e. Are denoted by Object Type S

Correct Answers:

1) b, c

2) a, c, d

3) a, c

4) b, c, d

5) a, b, c, d

6) b, c, d

7) a, b, c, d, e

8) a, c, d

9) a, b, d

10) a, b, e

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