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The aim of the Human Resources component is to enable companies to process employee related data according to business requirements in an effective structure.  The Human Resources module uses a system of data grouped together called infotypes.  Infotypes mirror a quantity of connected data records; infotypes are identifiable through a four character numerical string [e.g. infotype Addresses (0006)] and a complete listing is included. You can save the infotypes as time dependent to enable a retroactive evaluation of Employee data.  The infotypes appear as an entry screen for the user, through which you can maintain infotype records.  Infotypes can be processed individually or in fast entry mode.

What are the main modules of SAP HR?

The SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) contains all the process are classified in three major scenarios:

Workforce Process Management 

That includes the following processes: 
- Employee administration 
- Personnel time management and evaluation 
- Organizational Management
- Benefits management 
- Payroll calculation 

Talent Management 

That includes the following processes: 
- Recruiting 
- Career management 
- Succession management 
- Enterprise Learning 
- Employee performance management 
- Compensation management 

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How does the Human Resource menu looks like in SAP?

This is the main SAP Human Resource menu path image:

SAP HR modules Menu

How is the market for HR module compared to FI/CO (or other modules)?

HR market is as big as FI/CO.  Just think that every company has financial accounting and human resource needs, in every industry, in every country, in every company size.

The SAP Market in general, looks very good. Particularly SAP HR looks excellent. You will find lot of consultants with knowledge on PA (personnel Administration), Personnel Development etc. 

If I were to get into SAP HCM, I would focus on Payroll. It is because Payroll is very complex and challenging and it has lot of dependencies on other components such as PA, OM, PD etc. So if you focus on Payroll, you would, for sure, learn PA & OM too.

OR the best thing to learn is Reporting.  If you try to understand what each of SAP HR reports do, you will proabbly end up learning component by component.  See also;  HR Functional Specification Example

How long does you will take to learn HR and get ready to apply to HR job? 

Well, after the trainee that you are getting, you must have to get a trainee job, for a whole implementation project (1 year average) and after it, you may can apply (depending in what you have specialized like times, payroll, benefits, etc) to a job in the module that you have specielized.

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