Where The Payroll Data Is Stored

Once the payroll is run, where does the data get stored and how can we retrieve the same at a later date?

by: Srikanth

Below is the info:

Payroll Clusters:

Cluster tables combine the data from several tables with identical (or almost identical) keys into one physical record on the database.

  • Data is written to a database in compressed form. 
  • Retrieval of data is very fast if the primary key is known. 
  • Cluster tables are defined in the data dictionary as transparent tables. 
  • External programs can NOT interpret the data in a cluster table. 
  • Special language elements EXPORT TO DATABASE, IMPORT TO DATABASE and DELETE  FROM DATABASE are used to process data in the cluster tables. 
PCL1 - Database for HR work area; (long text, etc)
PCL2 - Accounting Results (time, travel expense and payroll); (payroll results)
PCL3 - Applicant tracking data; 
PCL4 - Documents, Payroll year-end Tax data (change logs, etc)

Data Management of PCLn 

  • The ABAP commands IMPORT and EXPORT are used for management of read/write to database tables PCLn. 
  • A unique key has to be used when reading data from or writing data to the PCLn.

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