Add Status Bar Msg In Applet

How to add a status bar with a msg using applet?
Use this code:

This code will display msg "Key Down" in the status bar when you press any key (except function keys) and "Key Up" when you release the key. 

import java.awt.*; 

import java.awt.event.*; 

import java.applet.*; 
/* <applet code="SimpleKey" width=300 height=100> 



public class SimpleKey extends Applet implements KeyListener 

String msg=""; 

int x=10,y 

; //output coordinates 

public void init() 


requestFocus();//request input focus 

public void keyPressed(KeyEvent ke) 

showStatus("Key Down"); 

public void keyReleased(KeyEvent ke) 

showStatus("Key Up"); 

public void keyTyped(KeyEvent ke) 



//Display Keystrokes 

public void paint(Graphics g) 


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