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Exporting to Excel in JSP

I am making online examination application using JSP and MSSQLServer 2000. In which I want to export whole
ResultSet Table of MSSQL to Microsoft Excel.

Export to a CSV file i.e, Comma-separated values file

Just put a comma(,) between the values of a row.
Give the file a .csv extension

Of course its possible to create a .xls file with some API, I feel this is very simple.

This is a simple one. just draw your html table. then add this to your jsp code

//exporting to excel

//setting the exported file name
response.setHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment;filename=myExcel.xls");
just that. Your page would be exported in Excel formated. Simple one isn't it

Found the solution:

Here's code in VB script if anyone need it:

Dim objExcel

Sub Btn1_onclick()
     call OpenWorkbook("c:\download\Excel_Test\test.xls")
End Sub

Sub OpenWorkbook(strLocation)

Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
objExcel.Visible = true
objExcel.Workbooks.Open strLocation
objExcel.UserControl = true
End Sub

<TITLE>Launch Excel</Title>
<P>Click the button to open the Excel Spreadsheet</P>
</HTML> ........

Using this you can directly call your excel file just change your path.

More simple xample is below:

Just overlook the varables and enter a string there.

   public void PrintXL() throws IOException{

   java.util.Date dater = new java.util.Date();
   SimpleDateFormat myDateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd_HH-mm-ss");
   String dates = myDateFormat.format(dater);

   String name = "d:/overallReport/report_"+dates+".xls";

   FileWriter outputFileReader  = new FileWriter(name);
   PrintWriter  out  = new PrintWriter(outputFileReader);

   String forPrint = null;
   forPrint = "<TABLE BORDER=1>";
   forPrint = forPrint+"<TR><TD><TABLE BORDER=1><TR><TD><B><CENTER><font
   forPrint = forPrint+"<TR><TD><TABLE BORDER=1><TR><TD><B><font size=2>Template
id ="+ "</TABLE>";
   forPrint = forPrint+"<TR><TD><TABLE BORDER=1><TR><TD>Volume=<TD>Short Term
Moving Average=<TD>Long Term Moving Average=</TABLE>";
   forPrint = forPrint+"<TR><TD><TABLE BORDER=1><TR>";

   forPrint = forPrint+"<TD><TABLE BORDER=1 BGCOLOR='#A3A8AD'><TR
><TD><TABLE></TABLE>";//for date; stock id; exchg id
   forPrint = forPrint+"<TR BGCOLOR=#F7F087><TD><TABLE
BORDER=1><TR><TD><b>date<TD><b>stock id<TD><b>Exchange ID";

   int j=0;

    this.volMomResultObject = overAll[j].getVolumeMomentumResults();
    this.fundamentalResulObject = overAll[j].getFundamentalResult();
    this.relativeResult = overAll[j].getRelativeStrengthResults();
    this.testSystemResultObject = overAll[j].getTestSystemResults();

    for(int i=0; i<volMomResultObject.length;i++){
     String datess = volMomResultObject[i].getDate().toString();
     String stkid = volMomResultObject[i].getStockid();
     String exchangeID = volMomResultObject[i].getStockexchangeid();
     forPrint = forPrint+"<tr BGCOLOR='white'><TD>"+datess+"<TD><a
    forPrint = forPrint+"</TABLE>";
    forPrint = forPrint+"</TABLE>";

    forPrint = forPrint+"<TD><TABLE BORDER=1 BGCOLOR='#A3A8AD'><TR
BGCOLOR='#A3A8AD'><TD><TABLE><TR align=center><TD
align=center><CENTER><B>Points</TABLE>";//for points
    forPrint = forPrint+"<TR BGCOLOR='#F7F087'><TD><TABLE

    for(int i=0; i<volMomResultObject.length;i++){

     double volVal = volMomResultObject[i].getTotalStrength();
     double fundaVal = fundamentalResulObject.getTotalPoints();
     double RSIro = relativeResult[i].getOverall_Rating();
     String volstkID = volMomResultObject[i].getStockid();
     String fundastockID = fundamentalResulObject.getStockid();

     forPrint = forPrint+"<TR BGCOLOR='white'><TD>"+volVal+"<TD>";

     Date RSIDate = relativeResult[i].getDate();
     Date volDate = volMomResultObject[i].getDate();

      forPrint = forPrint+RSIro;

      forPrint = forPrint+"<i>NA</i>";

      forPrint = forPrint+"<TD>"+fundaVal;

    // System.out.println(volstkID);
      forPrint = forPrint+"<TD><i>NA</i>";
    forPrint = forPrint+"</TABLE>";

    forPrint = forPrint+"</TABLE>";

    forPrint = forPrint+"<TD><TABLE BORDER=1 BGCOLOR='#A3A8AD'><TR
BGCOLOR='#A3A8AD'><TD><TABLE><TR align=center><TD align=center><CETER><B>Test
Results</TABLE>";//for test results
    forPrint = forPrint+"<TR BGCOLOR='#F7F087'><TD><TABLE BORDER=1><TR><TD><B>%
Gain 4 Week<TD><B>Max % Gain <TD><B>Gain/Day";

    forPrint = forPrint+"";

    this.testSystemResultObject = overAll[j].getTestSystemResults();

        System.out.print("Test System Object Length= ");
    for(int i=0; i<testSystemResultObject.length;i++){

     double fourWeekGain = testSystemResultObject[i].getFourweeksGain();
     double maxGain = testSystemResultObject[i].getFinalGain();
     double perDayGain = testSystemResultObject[i].getGainPerDay();

     forPrint = forPrint+"<TR BGCOLOR='WHITE'><TD>" +
       fourWeekGain +
       "<TD>" +
       maxGain +
       "<TD>" +


    forPrint = forPrint+"</TABLE>";
    forPrint = forPrint+"</TABLE>";

   }//End While


    Runtime.getRuntime().exec(new String[]{"cmd","/C",name});

   catch(Exception e){


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