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Fetch Records from Database after Selecting Dropdownlist

To fetch records from database after selecting dropdown list the associated records change in second dropdown list at runtime.

Solution 1:

You can use javascript to forward the page to a servlet/jsp/cgi(Hotmail registration style) which would populate/generate sub-list and forward back to the page with onselect event. This solution would depend on lot of other factors.

Consider the solution below:

Solution 2:

Better solution would be to do the same without the need to populate the list from the server (yahoo registration style)

Look at the following code

var regiondb = new Object( )
regiondb["kashmir"] = [{value:"102", text:"Srinagar"},
                       {value:"88", text:"Leh"},
                       {value:"80", text:"Pulvama"},
                       {value:"55", text:"More"}]; regiondb["up"] = [{value:"30", text:"Lucknow"},
                     {value:"21", text:"Kanpur"},
                     {value:"49", text:"Gorakhpur"},
                     {value:"76", text:"Meeruth"},
                     {value:"14", text:"More"}]; regiondb["maharashtra"] = [{value:"64", text:"Mumbai"},
                           {value:"12", text:"Pune"}]; </script> <script> function setCities(chooser) {
     var cityChooser = chooser.form.elements["city"];
     // empty previous settings
     cityChooser.options.length = 0;
     // get chosen value to act as index to regiondb hash table
     var choice = chooser.options[chooser.selectedIndex].value;
     var db = regiondb[choice];
     // insert default first item
     cityChooser.options[0] = new Option("Choose a City:", "", true, false);
     if (choice != "") {
      // loop through array of the hash table entry, and populate options
      for (var i = 0; i < db.length; i++) {
       cityChooser.options[i + 1] = new Option(db[i].text, db[i].value);

Submit Request to: <select name="continent" onchange="setCities(this)">
     <option value="" selected>Choose a State:</option>
     <option value="kashmir">Kashmir</option>
     <option value="up">UttaraPradesh</option>
     <option value="maharashtra">Maharashtra</option>
<select name="city">
     <option value="" selected>Choose a City:</option> </select> </form> </body> </html>

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