How To Use getConnection

How to establish a Database connection between java application and Database?

If we want to establish a connection between java application and the database we will the following piece of code.

Connection con= DriverManager.getConnection(“jdbc:odbc:nag”,”nag”,”system”,”manager”);
Where getConnectin() is a static method from DriverManager class, which can be used to return connection object.

Basically Connection is an interface, how getConnection() will create an object for Connection interface?

Connection is an interface from java.sql package, for which getConnection(_)  was return an anonymous inner class object of the Connection interface.

Anonymous inner class is a nameless inner class, which can be sued to provide an implementation either for the interfaces or for abstract classes.

Eg:   interface I
                void m1();
         Class Outer
                     I  i = new I(){
                                             public void m1()
                                             public void m2()
            Outer o = new Outer();
            o.i.m1();   à  correct
            o.i.m2();   à  wrong

getConnection(_) is a static method from DriverManager class, which will call internally  connect() method, this connect() will establish a virtual socket connection in between the java application and the database.

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