Library To Call Java From Perl

What is usual library to call java from Perl?
Inline-Java is the usual library to call java from Perl, and this propose a module which should allow calling Perl from Java.
However, because of the unpredictability of the JNI implementations for different JVMs it is difficult to say what combinations of JVM and Perl will work. Typically, what is required is Perl with MULTIPLICITY, and threads compiled in. That means he uses a custom built Perl.
Otherwise, Inline::Java::Callback allows you to call Perl functions from Java. To do this you need to create an object. 

Here is a example of a typical use:
use Inline Java => <<END ; 

import java.util.* ; 

import* ; 

class Pod_regexp extends InlineJavaPerlCaller { 

    public Pod_regexp() throws InlineJavaException { 


    public boolean match(String target, String pattern) 

        throws InlineJavaException { 

        try { 

            String m = (String)CallPerlSub("main::regexp", 

            new Object [] {target, pattern}) ; 

            if (m.equals("1")){ 

            return true ; 



    catch (InlineJavaPerlException pe){ 

        // $@ is in pe.GetObject() 


    return false ; 



my $re = new Pod_regexp() ; 

my $match = $re->match("Inline::Java", "^Inline") ; 

print($match . "n") ; # prints 1 

sub regexp { 

    my $target = shift ; 

    my $pattern = shift ; 

    return ($target =~ /$pattern/) ; 

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