Preparation for Interview Tips

Here are some interview tips for you to prepare yourself when you go for your Java interview.

Make sure you have a copy of your resume in front of you. 

It is OK to have a cheat sheet or two - just don't let anyone hear papers shuffling.

Know your OOA&D definitions, such as polymorphism, inheritance, etc. 

Know the difference between an interface and an abstract class.

Know that Java does not support multiple inheritance the way C++ does. 

Know that you implement an interface (can implement more than one). 

Know that you extend an abstract class (can only extend more than one).

Know about the access modifiers: public/friendly(default)/protected/private. Be able to explain in one or two sentences for each case. This is where you can get tangled up in a phone conversation and confuse the heck out of the interviewer and yourself.

Know AWT Event Model - tough to do over the phone - but you may get hit on a question. 

Know the two ways to start a thread - "extending Thread" or "implementing Runnable". 

Know that the method is "run" but to run a thread you use "start".

Sample interview question:

1. How can I improve the performance of a java application, what are the java optimization techniques.

That question is about as meaningful as "how do you code stuff?" There's no one right answer, and the interviewer probably just wanted to see if you knew *anything* about optimization. 

The answer is to go to the Performance thread and read the postings. If you search there for "books", you should find some good references which will get you started. You should also search for "tools".

2. What should you do to ensure that your applet works exactly the same way on both IE and Chrome.
Short answers include: make sure they use the same JVM, don't use complex GUIs, and most importantly test to be certain! 

Personally, I'd question the benefit of the applet and ask if could be done with JSPs.

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