Short Java Programming Questions

How can we open the outlook express using java code?

Here is code to invoke the Outlook Java...I have done this..In one of my application:  *-- Vinayak

   Runtime r = Runtime.getRuntime();
   String path1="cmd /c start outlook";
   Process p = r.exec(path1);
   if (p == null)
      System.out.println("Could not connect");
   in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(p.getInputStream()));
   String line;
   while ((line = in.readLine()) != null)
 catch (IOException io)

What is the difference between normalServlet and ActionServlet?

This question could have a long list of differences to talk about. Answer would depend on what aspect you talk about.
1) Normal Servlet can simply run in a servlet container. Action Servlet would need Struts framework.
2) Normal Servlet is based on SR-000154 Java Servlet 2.4 Specification where as ActionServlet is Apache's implementation.
3) A servlet would have get doGet/doPost method implemented, in ActionServlet we might just use the default implementation.
4) In a web application numerous servlets can exist. ActionServlet provides the "controller" for the web app so its a possibility that even big applications have just on instance on ActionServlet.

What is join( ) method in thread and give a suitable program?

In Threads it waits for the thread to die

What is the  modifer of DefaultConstructer that takes by the JVM and Why? We know constructer cannot be overriding.  A method cannot be overtridden when it is declarded private or final.  I think the modifier of default constructer is private but I am not sure, I confused .

JVM makes up no args constructor by default Only if no other constructor is defined. Accessor is not private for default constructor.

For example

if you have a class Person defined as below

public class Person {

Then you can create object of Person type as
Person p = new Person();

but if you modify Person class as below

public class Person{
  public Person(String name) {}

Then you can not create object of Person type as
Person p = new Person();

But this does not imply that no args constructor is private. You simply haven't defined one. Though if there are no constructors in a class JVM creates default constructor on its own which takes no args

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