Why OOPS Are More Popular

Why oops are more popular?  
Without oops conept can we run java application.
Where we use the polymorphism in java application?

By Fachim

OOP become a popular since it provide a better programming style, you don't need to write code which you really need to run anytime you need (such as in structured programming and assembler), you just make a class of object and you may call/instantiate the class and use it from any part of your application, it is reusable. compiler provide a library of those class, and you just use it, no need to write the codes. Your application mostly concern on managing the interaction among object, not write a command for any specific jobs.

OOP provide Inheritances model, so your application can inherit another class which is having similarity on behavior such as the variables and its methods, but you just write the distinct behaviour for your own implementation

OOP provide encapsulation model, once you instantiate an object, it's behavior to do their own job will not interupt  another object, you dont bother if your code will affect another object.

OOP provide polymorphism, here you may call any methods in run time which is depend on particular command you provide, but still using the same method implementations.

OOP provide modularity mobel once you change part of code which is in separate module, it will not impact any module developed in application.

Java is OOP language, I don't think you can run Java application without its style, but you can do in C++, it's compiler still provide C style, which is a structured programming language.

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