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When we create info & Maintain Quotation, by quota we are determining the source.   Also in Vendor Evaluation, we are evaluationg vendor.   When we are creating PO,  from where the vendor will come from?  Is it from Quota or Vendor Evaluation?

You define source list requirements at plant level. If a source list requirement exists, you must maintain the source list for each material before you can order it.

The source list serves:

To define a source of supply as "fixed". Such sources count as preferred sources over a certain period of time. For example, the fixed vendor XXXX for material 100XX is ASA Company for the first quarter and BSB Co. for the second quarter of the year.

Select the plants for which you wish to specify a source list requirement

You use the source list to determine the valid source of supply at a certain point in time.
The source list contains all the sources of supply defined for a material and the periods during which procurement from these sources is possible

Following T/Code activities in Material Management module.

Maintain source list  -  ME01
Display source list  -  ME03
Display changes to source list -  ME04
Analyze source list  -  ME06
Reorganize source list  -  ME07
Generate source list  -  ME05
Display source list for material-  ME0M

you make the system settings that are necessary for purchasing operations carried out using source lists.

Source list requirement for materials, It may be necessary to include possible vendors of a material in the source list before the material can be ordered.

The Source list requirement field in the purchasing data of the material master record indicates whether a source list requirement exists for a material.

You can define the Source list requirement at plant level in IMG.  Logistics -->Materials management --> Purchasing --> Source list.

Here you can see the plants for which a source list requirement exists.

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