Purchase Order Account Assignment For Service Items 

Can someone please explain on how the account assignment is done for service items which are "texts" unlike materials?

The concept of account assignment remains same whether for materials with Mat. No. Or only text. 

If you are purchasing a particular service for a cost center. then you can assign the PO item to Cost Center & so on..... 

Use the following Customizing Path: 

Material Management 
-> Purchasing 
-> Material Master 
-> Entry Aids For Items Without a Material Master. 

Create the Material Groups and the Valuation Classes you are going to assign to the 'text services'. In the moment of a Purchase order, put the text services and assign them the material groups which you created for them. In that moment, the account assignment that you customized will appear into the purchase order. 

How to make systematic service purchase order?

1. First you need to create a PO with Item category as 'D'  -- T Code: ME21N

2. You need to create the Service Master Record    T Code: AC03

3. In the PO, Services tab, you need to mention the Services you are expecting from the vendor, quantity, price.

4. Need to mention the Validity start and end period in the PO Header.

5. Once after accepting ther services from the vendor, based on the Vendor invoice you need to enter the service entry sheet aganist the PO.      T code: ML81N

6. Invoice Verification based on the PO.  (this will pick information from the Service entry sheet) 

7. Payment Processing

Tips by : Suresh 

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