Block or Delete Any Material From Material Master

How can we block or delete any material from material master?

When engineering marks a finished goods material master for deletion, it does not prevent customer service from booking an order against it. However, MRP ignores it and would not suggest a planned order or a purchase requistion(for buy-outs). 

Where in configuration can I block customer service from booking an order for deleted material master? Currently, there is a pop up window to tell the order entry personnel that the material master is marked for deletion but that person can still process the order.   

We can obsolete a matl master at Sale Data 1 which will prevent order entry but very often, our document control or engineer forgets and head straight to marking an item for deletion and not archiving it after that.

The best way is to keep the materail status with deleted or blocked for puchase / sales and need to maintain in the materail master.

You cannot delete the material from material master until archiving but you can block that material for any procurement

Goto Basic data 1

X-plant matl status ------ 01 Blocked for procment/whse
                                       02 Blocked for task list/BOM
                                       10 Blocked for MRP

Select any one.

Valid from  ----------- Here you enter valid date from which the material should be blocked.

So from this your material will be blocked for any PR/PO/any transactions related to Procurement

Tips by : Chidanand

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