Creating The Stock Transfer Order

What is the pocess of creating the stock transfer order? W hat is the essential inputs of stock trans. order?

This is only within the comp.code(w/o SD)
351+101 MvT.
with SD

1. Mat.(1434)should be maintained in both the plants.(@1000&1100).

2. Should have enough stock in supplying plant(1000).

3. Make its supplying plant as a vendor in vendor master record in receiving plant(1100).

4. Make it receiving plant as a customer in customization.  
Create customer (xd01) & and define the shipping data for plants in both the plants.
Path: spro img material mgmt purchasing po set up STO define shipping data 
            (1 by1 )
In Receiving plant (1100)                            In Supplying plant (1000)
Customer num.  123345 (for ex.)                Customer num.  ---------(dont fill) 
Sales org.     yyy                                         Sales org.     yyy                                              
Dist. Channel yy                                          Dist. Channel yy
Sales div.         y                                         Sales div.         y   
5. Assign doc. Type is NL for intra company STO. If  STO is inter company,           Assign doc. Type is NLCC.
    Position doc type is UB
    Enter supplying plant(1000) & doc type (NL)&checking rule (ex:01)

6.Assign doc. Type is UB to ur plants.(PO)
   Go for new entries 
   Enter supplying plant(1000) & Receiving plant (1100)&doc type (UB).

7. Create a PO, choose the doc type is UB & item cat.U, Enter supplying plant as a vendor in PO  of the receiving plant(1100).

8. Provide this num (PO) to SD people, they will do the delivery by using transactional code is VL10B.

9. Sales people they will provide out bound delivery num.

10. Do the GR. In GR the second tab 05 outbound delivery instead of PO mov.type 101.

11. See the stock overview in the receiving & supplying plants.  

By: Gopu Srinivasareddy

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