Difference Between Min Rem And Total Shelf Life

In Material Master Data , what’s the difference between Min. Rem. Shelf Life & Total Shelf Life?

Min period --- Minimum amount of time for which the material must keep upon goods receipt for the goods receipt to be accepted by the system.

Shelf life Expiration date ---- Value entered in the material master record

The system assumes that the date entered upon goods receipt is the material's date of production. It then calculates a shelf life expiration date from the date of production plus the total shelf life.

No value entered in the material master record

The system assumes that the date entered upon goods receipt is the materials shelf life expiration date.

How is the shelf life managed in sap? What is the full cycle?

Shelf life is used for the perishable goods in sap.

Go to tcode mm01 and in general/plant data view mention the total shelf life and minimum shelf life then activate the shelf life for plant and movement type in img screen

Path is 

Tcode olmb -> GR -> Shelf life -> Plant mark the check box in front of your plant and do the same for movement type.

In material master, maintain total shelf life and minimum remaining shelf life of the material. During MIGO, you have to enter Production Date. If the material life less then minimum remaining shelf life period, system would not allow you to post the doc.

This will be maintained in the material Master at Plant Data Storage 2 division.

The Period of Expiry and Date of Purchase has to be maintained for this kind of materials.  After Expiry Period the Stock will be automatically deleted for the unrestricted use.

Shelf life is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry, shelf life is the period under which the material is stable for a predefined specification.

Say example you have material " A". If we decide the shelf life is 3 years for this material. Then the material can be used for 3 years from the date of manufacturing and then the material become expired.

This shelf life can be activated through Batch Management or without batch management also you can use. This can be activated in material master.

SPRO > Logistics General > Batch Management > Shelf life expiration date (SLED).

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