Differences Between Restricted vs Blocked Stock

What is restricted use stock and when would you use this stock type? What is the difference between restricted use and blocked stock? Also, what is the difference between "stock in transit" and "transit/transfer" (in MB52)?

Also, I'm still a little confused, though. Restricted use stock is all other stock (QI, Blocked, etc.) If that's the case, when I look in MB52 shouldn't the value in the restricted use stock field be the total of the other stocks? 

That's not the case in our system:
An example...we have material 123 with 6 units in blocked stock and 4 units in QI stock. 
Shouldn't the restricted use value by 10 (6 + 4?) Ours is 0.

By: James

Stock other than un-restricted is restricted stock eg. quality, blocked, reserved etc.  You can consume the material stock in restricted use eg. stock assign to Sales Ord or sampling form quality stock. But you cannot consume block stock before you transfer it to unrestricted.

Stock in transit specifies the quantity of a material that has already been withdrawn from stock in the issuing plant, but not yet arrived at the receiving plant (*Stock transfer order is involved only else mtl show in stock in transfer*).

Transit/transfer mean the material movement within a plant but in two stages. eg. Transfer posting SLoc to SLoc - remove from storage (313) and Transfer posting SLoc. to SLoc. - place in storage (315).  If the putaway is not done material will show in transit/transfer.

Report MB52 showing Restricted-Use stock which restricted in the batch master record using the status key.

The explanation is as below:

Batch in Restricted-Use Stock specifies that the batch is included in restricted-use stock.

If, though a batch has the status "restricted", you want to use a goods movement to post a quantity to unrestricted-use stock, the quantity is posted to restricted-use stock and not to unrestricted-use stock.

If the status of a batch is set to restricted, the total unrestricted-use stock is transferred to restricted-use stock by means of a transfer posting. A material document is created.

You cannot change the status of a batch (unrestricted/restricted) in a goods movement, only with the following functions:
- by maintaining the batch master record manually
- using the control function provided in the QM system
- Configurations for Restricted-Use Stock

For planning purposes, restricted-use stock is treated like blocked stock, that is, it is either available or not available, depending on your system configuration.

Withdrawals from restricted-use stock are either possible or not possible, depending on your system configuration.

The status of a batch can be considered in batch determination, that is, you can search for unrestricted or for restricted batches.

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