Excise Group For More Than One Plant

Is it possible to use same excise group for more than one plant?

Yes, you can maintain but not legal.

Excise group is an internal group within the company who takes care of excise reporting to tax authority.

So, it is advisable to keep separate excise group for separate plant.

At excise group level: 

It indicates that for the particular combination of the excise group and the plant, the plant will function as a depot.

At plant level: 

Irrespective of the plant being attached to any excise group, the plant attached to all the excise groups will function as a depot. The setting at the plant level takes precedence over that at the excise group level.

Configuration follow the path:

IMG -> Logistics General -> Taxes on Goods movement -> India -> Basic Settings -> Maintain Excise Groups 

Can we assign same excise group to different plants belonging to different company codes? 

Yes, it is possible to assign same excise group to different plants with different company codes.

It is possible when the following points are fulfilled..

Materials should be the same and the final output of the production should be the same, as well as the plants should be in the same place and more then that the company codes should follow the same excise rates.

An excise group allows you to maintain a separate set of excise registers and excise accounts. The RG 23A, RG 23C and PLA serial numbers are created for an excise group. 


Under normal circumstances, excise authorities require every business to maintain only one set of excise registers and one set of accounts. But through exemption from the authorities, multiple books can be maintained. 

If your company has only one set of excise registers, then you need to maintain only one excise group.

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