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Purchase Order Item Confirmations Tabstrips:

The confirmation control key controls the process subsequent to the creation of the PO. 
E.g. For some important materials with long delivery times, you wish to receive advance information (via the shipping notification or inbound delivery) about the expected GR date so that you can include this information in the availability check.

The confirmation functionality is used to get better visibility & control over the goods receipts. Due to this requirement, when you work with confirmations, the system will not propose any quantity for MIGO unless any confirmations are entered in the PO. Also, MIGO will propose only such quantity for which the confirmation is entered.

In the purchase order, there is a field confirmation control key, following is its function extracted from text book. 

1.The confirmation control key governs whether confirmations are expected for specific purchase order items and whether these confirmations are relevant for goods receipt or materials planning.  

2. If a material document is to be created when the goods receipt posting for the inbound delivery is carried out, then the goods receipt assignment must be defined in the confirmation control.

How to set this field?

Configuration path:

SPRO -> MM -> Purchasing -> Confirmations -> Set up confirmation control or tcode OMGZ

Explain is there a necessity to fill the confirmation control, order acknowledgement & confirmation requirement. In STO normally we input the data for normal P.O.'s.only. If we input the above said data what happens if not what happens.

Confirmation gives the details of the shipping data, acknowledgement, delivery details etc......Overall view..

If it is used then Inbound delivery has to be created else GR is not possible...

VL31N--Inbound PO wrt PO/STO.(manual)..

If idoc /edi are configure, then everything will be automatic.

Confirmation Control is configured in SPRO -> Materials Management -> Purchasing -> Confirmations -> Setup Confirmation Control. The Confirmation Control should be assigned to the Vendor in Purchasing View (MK01/MK02). This it gets copied into the PO.

How to change the confirmation key in PO?

I have to change the confirmation key (in me23N) in the confirmation tab. It is working fine if there is no partial GR (entry in delivery schedule tab) against that line item.  But if there is a GR entry against that line item its giving me a message 'confirmation key should not be changed'.

This is the standard of SAP....once GR is existing for the line then you can't change the confirmation key.  To change, reverse the GR and change the key then Post GR again.


You can short close the PO line which you already have GR and create new line with remaining qty and enter new confirmation key.

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