Find Out Who Close Period In MMPV

How to find information about who & when the period closing done by MMPV?

How to find out, when the MMPV was done for closing the previous period ? Are there any logs available or any report?

Is it possible in SAP to track the log of MMPV i.e., when it was carried out time/date/ userid/company code?

We want to find that when & who has done period closing by MMPV transaction code. 

The answer for the above FAQ questions: 

Goto SE16, Check Table MARV

Enter the company code & execute.

It will show you only the latest changes only.

If you want to see last years changes made then where can you see?

Ask your BASIS to executed this T.code.

T.code is ST03N

By using this t.code you can find out who has executed the T.code MMRV from some period to till date.

Can you tell me what exactly is to be done during MMPV and MMRV? 

First of all, MMPV is used to close the current period and to open a new period. Enter the company code (range or single), enter the new period, normally the next month and year (month and year) or date (but not both) and save.

MMRV is used to allow posting in a previous period (per your company requirement), tick or untick and save. 

Explain the differences of MMPV and MMRV and its usage.

MMPV - is for opening & closing the period.

MMRV - is used for allowing or disallowing backpostings to a previous period.

Every month the accounts are settled in each company for that Periods are used.

Period should be used by FI to settle the accounts in the same month.

FI consultant will configure the Opening period and closing period of the Company code.

Configuration of period


Go to SPRO---> Financial Accounting--> Financial Accounting global settings--> Documents--Posting period.

Tcode : MMRV - Allow posting period

Enter the company code:

To check the current period, previous period

Allow posting period.

Normally FI consultant will close the period and open the next period

T code: MMPV - Close period

While invoice verification period should be open.

Period should be used by FI to settle the accounts in the same month.

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