Freight Charges At GR For Purchase Order

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My requirement is like this:
PO - 20 tons
GR 1 - 10 tons + freight cost (lorry freight) Rs 1000
GR 2 - 10 tons + Freight cost (lorry freight) Rs 1500

We need to pay freight cost to lorry driver not to vendor. the final bill from vendor comes after 10 - 15 days. Since the freight cost is not fixed value I can't plan in my PO. So how to enter this freight costs before doing invoce verification for actual goods bill. 


Freight is planned delivery cost, you can pass planned delivery cost before doing GR or passing invoice for goods value.

In this case, create separate service PO for the freight vendor for the value of the invoice bill.


During LIV, in MIRO, you might be selecting option as "Goods/Services Items" only.

Here select option as "Goods/Services + Planned Delivery Cost" and then press enter, it will show freight also in second line item. There you can maintain the freight charges.


You can do this by following ways

By Normal Standard Purchase:

1. Create the PO with material vendor. Enter all the required values in the pricing conditions in PO Item level - Condiitons tab. Maintain the approxiamte value in the freight conditions with dummy vendor code - lorry driver.

2. Do the GR for PO.

3. Make the down payment for the freight cost to the lorry driver by F-47 & F-48.

4. Do the LIV for the material vendor. 

  - Select the indicator Goods/Service items.

5. Do the LIV for the freight vendor.

  - Select the indicator Planned delivery cost. Here change the approximate value in the line item to the exact value. The diff value will goes to the material cost, if stk exists or to the price diff, if no stk.

By subsequent debit :

1. Create the standard PO for material vendor with material prices.

2. Do the GR for PO.

3. Make the down payment for the unplanned delivey cost - freight cost to the lorry driver.

4. Do the LIV for material vendor.

5. Do the subsequent debit for the freight vendor. Change the invoicing party to the lorry driver in the MIRO - header details.

6. The down payment is adjusted by FI dept while clearing the payments.


You can enter the amount as unplanned delivery cost while doing tcode miro, it will be distibuted in material cost.

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