GR Valuated At The Exchange Rate Given As Per PO 

How to get GR to be valuated at the exchange rate given as per po?

While Creating po in ME21N / ME22N Purchase order change Set the Exchange Rate Fixed Indicator in Po header Details and save.

Then The exchange rate is Fixed till Invoice Verification.

Please go thru these words:

Determines that the exchange rate used for currency translation purposes calculated or entered in the purchasing document is fixed.  If you fix the exchange rate, the purchase order currency and the exchange rate cannot be changed during invoice verification.  

I have maintained exchange rate 1 USD = 40 INR in OB08 transaction from 01.08.2008 in exchange rate type "PP".  But, while creating p.o. system is taking some other default value for currency conversion and not 1 USD = 40 INR. 

Maintain rate for from to period.

T.code OB08 - 

Maintain for *M *Standard translation at average rate

Input date in between from TO period which you have maintain. 

System will pick the exchange rate type " M " in Purchase order.

If you want, you can change the exchange rate manually and can fix it.

In case of MIGO , it will pick the exchange rate type which you have maintained in your GR doc type .

When I've created a purchase order, I fix (inconsciously) the exchange rate and currency.
So the purchase order currency and the exchange rate cannot be changed during posting an invoice in MIRO. 

Once you fix exchange rate in PO, you cannot change it at GR or IV.

This updation is to be done at PO stage only.

You can reverse your Goods Receipt and then you will be able to change your PO and then POST again the GR and do IT MIRO.  It will work.

Explain the various types of exchange rate and important's of it how ex. rate type play an important role in PO, MIGO, MIRO .

If you are doing procurement with different currency, you have to specify the exchange rate in PO. If not system will take the default exchange rate which you can maintained in exchange rate type transaction.

For example, while creating PO exchange rate 1 USD = Rs.40, but while posting Invoice Exchange rate 1 USD = Rs.43. 

If the exchange rate is fixed in procurement, then you can mention by selecting the Exchange rate fixed in Purchase Order. Once you select this option for the particular PO, you can change the exchange rate in MIRO. It depends on the conditions mentioned Purchase order or agreement between the client and Vendor.

If you have not selected Exchange rate fixed then in MIRO transaction by default system will pick the exchange rate from Exchange rate type table and you can change it MIRO transaction.

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