How To Get The PO Create Date and Time

Which table and field we can get the PO release date?

By: Jenny 

Table- EKKO and Field - AEDAT


Use the AEDAT field in EKAB

I have created a po on 11.02.99 and there was no change in the po after that. My req is the time when it is created.  Where can I get the details of the time with respect to po?

Creation Time is not stored to the purchase order. But if you create the message, then you can see the message creation time. This time should be good enough to be be used as PO creation time.

Click message button in ME23N


You can see creation date in ME23N, it is in the first 'line' (above header data). It's called 'Document date' (MEPO_TOPLINE-BEDAT) 


Check EKKO-ERDAT in SE16.


Check in table *CDHDR*and enter your PO # in "Object value" field and enter ME21N in " Transaction" field and execute.

You will find the PO creation time.

Change history CDHDR/CDPOS tables are worthless for creation, the tables only get updated with changes.

Maybe in some companies it is process to create POs and change immediatly (e.g. user exit) after saving, but this is certainly not a standard process.


How PO creation date i.e. document date to be make in display mode so that user should not be able to change the default date at the time of creation of PO?

I don't think that is possible but you can restrict the Past dates by setting the below message into Error:-

Purchase order date is in the past

Message no. 00 06 028

You can make any field as you want, it is possible using customization:

I am giving you path:
spro --> img --> mm--> purchasing -- > po--> screen layout PO

- go there and select PO( me21n) 
- select deadline monitoring .
- here you check display checkbox and save this 
- now date will be in display mode only

Take note that by doing so, the delivery date also become in display mode.


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