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Any report which gives me the total Stock consumption on the basis of Valuation Type i.e., Domestics and Imports.  I am using S_ALR_87012332, but it gives me the total consumption value, but I need separately for Domestic consumption and Imports separately (Based on the Valuation Type).

use MB5B

Selection criteria give your Valuation Type / Co Code.

Check Valuated Stock

Check Totals only -Non Hierarchical Rep Layout..

The report gives quantities. In layout you can select additional fields for values.

My roles is a Functional, I'm in progress to develop new report for 6 months total of consumption.  The Report determine 6 months total consumption from current month. example;-
If current month is December 200X it should get 6 months total consumption from November 200X, October 200X, September 200X, August 200X, July 200X and Jun 
200X .
If current month is April 200Y it should get 6 months total consumption from Mar 200Y, Feb 200Y, Jan 200Y, Dec 200X, Nov 200X and Oct 200X.

The data can be obtain from table MVER. Total of consumption for every months can be found in field GSV01-GSV13. 

How do I tell the Abapers to develop report like this example;-
Material (MATNR) = ABC123
Current Month (System Month) = April 2008

N-6 (MVER-GSV**) = March 2008
N-5 (MVER-GSV**) = February 2008
N-4 (MVER-GSV**) = January 2008
N-3 (MVER-GSV**) = December 2007
N-2 (MVER-GSV**) = November 2007
N-1 (MVER-GSV**) = October 2007

If current month = <April>, 
How the program could determine for column N-3 is what month ?

Based on the current month and year you can pull the consumption for past 6 months from MVER and Sum it.

You can make use of the function CONSUMPTION_READ_FOR_MM to read consumption values from MVER.

In which Tables can I find 
1. Consumption of material
2. Stock of material

1. Consumption of material 

S026 - ENMNG 

Restrict the selection condition for material with movement type 261 in table MSEG 

2. Stock of material 


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